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What to Do in Chinatown

Visiting Chinatown is a must thing to do in Singapore. If you have time, look around Chinatown and you will be happy. The sight will surely delight you especially if you bring your family or loved ones. Chinatown is a big place to explore for only a day. You have to visit it for many days. You can consider this as your guide to cover all major parts of Chinatown:


Chinatown Heritage Center – If you want to know the early story of Chinese immigrants, you better go to Chinatown Heritage Center. Finding this center is not that hard.

Chinatown Street Market – The Chinatown Street Market offers a lot of things for you. There are numerous stores that offer different merchandise- shoes, shorts, bags, wallets, pants, teas, souvenirs and many more. You can buy things cheaper here.

Religious Landmarks – If you explore deeper, you will see that there are many religious landmarks present in Chinatown. There are Hindu and Buddhist temples and mosques. You will オンライン カジノ find Sri Mariamman Temple, Jamae Mosque and tooth of Buddha.

Dining Options – Exploring Chinatown will make you hungry. The good thing is you can go to Chinatown Food Street and eat whatever you want and see. You will see lots of foods. Just look for Smith Street and you will surely enjoy the food. There are bakeries and restaurants nearby if you want.

Staying at a Hotel – If you are very tired, you can always check in to hotels nearby. There are many hotels with different ambiance or theme that will fit you. For instance you can go to The Scarlet, The Club, Hotel 1929 and New Majestic Hotel. If you want to spend less, there are cheap inns and hostels if you look for it.

Rock Band Aerosmith is Up and About

As one of the most successful and enduring rock bands in history, Aerosmith has already done a lot. And they’re still not ready to stop yet, as clearly seen during their recent visit in Singapore.


Social Star Awards

The veteran rockers – composed Joey Kramer, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford and frontman Steven Tyler – are in the country to perform at the 2-day concert following the Social Star Awards. The band will be performing along with “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen and Korean sensation Psy.

It’s All About the Music

Asked about what has driven the band for close to five decades, lead guitarist Joe Perry says it’s about the music and giving the audience a good time. Steven Tyler, who was also one of the judges of popular TV show American Idol, echoes Perry, saying that the band lives through their music and that music is a universal thing everyone can enjoy.

Singaporean Ladies

A true-blooded rock star, Tyler took note of the women in Singapore, praising them for their beauty. The 65-year-old rocker described the beauty of Singaporean ladies as “a great melting pot… delicious”. Tyler is a father of four, including Hollywood actress Liv Tyler and model Mia Tyler.

Not Retiring Soon

With a long list of awards and an inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, one might think that Aerosmith has done all it can. Not the band though, who says they have no plans of stopping yet. Last year, the band released their latest studio album Music from Another Dimension.

Take a Walk at Fort Canning Park

If you want to stroll down the memory lane, you can try visiting the Fort Canning Park. The park is famous because of its history and location. Though it is a small place within Singapore’s Central Business District, it has a long story. What you need to know about Fort Canning Park:

fort_canning_park y

Historical significance

Before the coming of Sir Stamford Raffles, Malays call it “forbidden hill”. Ruins were also discovered which roots back to the 14th century. Raffles was fascinated by the history and awed by the hill’s commanding view so he established his first seat there. The hill was then developed into a fortress to intensify the security. It was named after the Governor General, Viscount Charles John Canning.

Canning today

The park today offers a lot of activities for kids and adults. The park is an attraction because of its history and entertainment experiences. It is the venue for Singapore’s music festivals, starlight cinemas, art festivals and many other recreational activities. You will surely enjoy every minute of it.



The park is at the heart of the city. It offers different things to its visitors. You can visit the Fort Canning Centre, the house of Sir Stamford Raffles and many others spots if there are no scheduled activity.

Getting there

The park is located at 51 Canning Rise, Orchard Road. You can take a taxi, bus or MRT. If you want to take the bus, look for bus 64, 123, 139 and 143. The nearest MRT station is at Dhoby Ghaut. You can then walk (about 8 minutes) from exit B.

Admission charges

The good news is that the park requires no admission charges. Locals and tourists can now enjoy the park without thinking of any fees.

Opening hours

For locals and tourists, the park is open all the time.

Feast Your Eyes

If you want to feast your eyes, you should go to museums and gallery spaces. The good news is that there are many museums and gallery spaces present here in Singapore. You just need to make time for it. You can begin with:

Singapore Art

Living Portraits Gallery

Living Portraits Gallery is an important gallery because it features the growth of the nation. It will give you a picture of how Singapore transformed, the challenges faced and more importantly the possibility of the future.

Living Portraits Gallery lies in Raffles Country Club. The gallery is open from 10AM to 8PM daily. The admission is free. You can visit their website at LivingPortraits.com.sg.

Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery

Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery is home to more than eight thousand art pieces from international and local artists. Aside from the gallery, they also offer services like consultancy, even hosting and framing & restoration of art pieces.

Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery lies in Boon Lay Way. The gallery is open from 11AM to 7PM daily. The admission is free. You can visit their website at 991art.com.

Gajah Gallery

Gajah Gallery features collections of art pieces across Asia. They feature works of locals, Indonesian, Indian and Vietnamese artists.

Gajah Gallery lies in MICA Building. The gallery is open from Monday-Friday (11AM to 7PM) and Saturday-Sunday (12PM to 6PM). The admission is free. You can visit their website at GajahGallery.com.

Galerie Belvedere

Galerie Belvedere features international and Southeast Asian contemporary pieces. It especially features the watercolour works of the local artist, Ong Kim Seng. Ong received many awards and recognitions from the AWS (American Watercolour Society).

Galerie Belvedere lies in Capital Tower. The gallery is open every Monday to Friday from 9:30AM to 6PM.

What You Need To Know About Nanyang Technological University

You have better chances of landing a good job if you are well-educated. If you want to get a good job, then you need to be highly-qualified. There are many career opportunities, but practically all of them require a degree. Fortunately, there are many good schools in Singapore – both private and those subsidized by the government.

This is to give chance to those that cannot afford a university education. This action will level the playing field for Singapore’s citizens in landing a good job. If in this case you are uncertain of what university to consider, you should look for the list of local universities and evaluate them. If you are still not sure, just consider Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Here are reasons why this school is a top choice:


Biggest Campus

NTU is the biggest campus in Singapore. The campus occupies 200 hectares of land.

World Ranking

NTU is presently ranked number 47 in the QS World University Rankings and the first in Asia to receive five stars in the QS stars evaluation. In another ranking Higher Education Asian University, conducted by Times magazine, NTU ranked 11th.


The funding of NTU’s researches grew in the past years. The big portion of the funds is allocated to the Earth Observatory and Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering. NTU has many clusters, institutes and centres with key university partners in Asia, Europe and America.

Schools and Colleges

NTU offers graduate and undergraduate degrees. Its colleges include Arts, Engineering, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences. There is also Nanyang Business School.

Things to See and Do in Chinatown

Singapore is not Singapore without the presence of Chinatown and you will not be called a local if you haven’t visited Chinatown. If you visit Chinatown, there are always a lot of things to see and do. Chinese and non-Chinese are welcome to visit, explore and enjoy the place. You will surely appreciate the lively colours, displays and more importantly, you will get a glimpse of their culture. Spending time in Chinatown is not a waste. Here’s a list of things you can see and do in Chinatown:


Chinatown Street Market

If you want to spend your hard earned money frugally, Chinatown Street Market is there to offer opportunities. You can find almost anything in the market. There are bags, shoes, tea, antiques, souvenir items and many more. There are many shops that you can consider. Actually there are shops that offer great deals if you purchase a bulk.

Chinatown Heritage Centre

Chinatown Heritage Centre is one of the main attractions of Chinatown. The centre features the story of early Chinese immigrants. You will enjoy shopping (in the street market) plus you will learn about the history of Chinese immigrants. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

The pagoda is famous for tourists and locals. The temple has many levels with different things to offer. There’s a Museum of Southeast Asian Buddhist Art, Prayer Wheel and Roof Garden. You will surely appreciate the Buddhist’s way of life.

Aside from the places mentioned above, you can choose to visit Chinatown Complex, Chinatown Food Street, nearest Parks and Museums, Temples, etc. If you are worried about entrance fees, don’t bother much because it is not that expensive.

There is always more.

Join Ace Festival’s The Magic Porridge Pot

If you want to bring your child to a show where he/she can learn a lot of things, you should consider the Ace Festival – The Magic Porridge Pot. This show features puppets and other interactive factors that can surprise audiences of all ages.


The Story: The story is about a girl who wants to help her hungry villagers. One day, she met an old woman who offered her a little pot. By saying ‘cook, little pot, cook’, the pot would instantly fill with porridge. The little girl is finally happy because it can help her fellow villagers. But the story does not end there for there are a lot of exciting incidents in between. If you are interested, just read the following details:

When: There are a lot of scheduled showings so there are no reasons why you mustn’t consider it. The shows will start on May 20 and it will end on June 7, 2013. There is a showing everyday from May 20 to June 7. The time of showings will depend on the day. For weekdays (Monday- Friday), it will be every 9:30am, 11:30am and 2:30pm. For weekends (Saturday-Sunday), it will be every 10:30am, 2pm and 4pm.

Where: Head to Sarkies Francaise Theatre. Go there early to avoid traffic and the volume of people.

Restrictions: Everyone is welcome to watch but you should note the admission rules. The management reserves the right to ask children creating excessive noises (like crying and talking) to leave the venue immediately as it can disturb other audiences. Photography and audio and video recording is strictly prohibited.

Tickets: Early booking will entitle you best deals. Standard seats cost S$28.00. For Family of 4, it will cost S$104.80 and Family of 5 will cost S$126.00.

Singapore Flight Experience

If you are looking for a different experience, why not try the Flight Experience? It will surely blow you away. The Flight Experience is an aviation entertainment open to all. The program imitates the Boeing 737-800 to give visitors the best aviation experience in their life. When you pilot it, it is like steering the real thing. It is an experience not to be missed. Fly high!

Here’s what you need to know about Flight Experience:


How it works

As mentioned earlier, the Flight Experience uses Boeing 737 flight simulator. This is to give the clients chance to pilot a modern plane directly from the Captain’s seat. This is not a game since the Boeing 737 flight simulator is certified by Civil Aviation Authorities around the world. In fact, the simulator is also used for pilot training.

Before take-off, an experienced pilot will give full briefing. If you want to be trained, the company also offers training and educational programs.

Getting there

The Flight Experience is located at 30 Raffles Avenue. If you take MRT and public buses, you need to note the station or bus number. For MRT, make sure to stop at the Bayfront station. Buses are available just look for routes 97/97E, 106, 133, 502/502A, 518/518A and NR1. If you decided to bring your car, there are many parking areas nearby, just don’t forget to pay the rates or charges to be safe.


Admission charges

The cost is depending on what flight package you choose. You can choose from 30 minutes of Scenic Flight ($175), 45 minutes of City Circuits ($215), 60 minutes of City Flyer ($275), 90 minutes of Ultimate ($395), 60 minutes of Multi City Flyer ($300) and 90 minutes of Multi Ultimate ($430).

Opening hours

The Flight Experience is open during Sundays-Thursdays from 10am to 9pm. Every Friday and Saturday, they open from 10am to 10pm.

Singapore’s Leading University

If you just finished your secondary education, the next big step would be taking up a bachelor’s degree and earn it in a university. The challenge is what degree to consider. There are many people that can help you with that. You can gather insights from your guidance counsellors and your family. If you are settled, you can start looking for a university that can educate you about your chosen field.

If you are in Singapore, you should consider a university that speaks of excellence and quality education. The National University of Singapore (NUS) would be a brilliant choice. It is considered as the oldest university in Singapore. What makes NUS special? Here’s a gist:



There are at least three campuses. The main campus is located at Kent Ridge. Another campus is located at Bukit Timah which is the quarters of the Faculty of Law, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and research institutions. The Outram campus is the dwelling place of Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore.


NUS is divided according to schools. Schools include Arts and Social Sciences, Business, Dentistry, Engineering, Design and Environment, Law, School of Medicine, School of Public Policy and Graduate School.


NUS give emphasis on research. The institution established 21 research centers like bioengineering, nanotechnology, biomedical and life sciences, engineering and many other crucial researches.

Facilities and student accommodation

Facilities include libraries and IT services. Computers used in the campus are connected with their campus-wide grid computing network. They have 7 libraries with wide collections of subjects.

NUS provides student accommodation in the form of their 6 Halls of Residence and 3 Student Residences.