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Non-Stop Shopping Experience

Singapore as a whole is a wonderful island with different natural and man-made attractions. One example of a natural spot in the place is the Singapore Botanic garden. Even if it is maintain properly by man, it is still a natural reserve because of a lot of flowers and plants that are found here. And mind you, nothing is made by man in this plant and flower sanctuary.


On the other hand, man-made structures take place but with authority. One example for that is the Merlion (A half fish, half lion creature). It was made by man but it has now become one of the famous and most visited landmarks in the country. While seeing and getting close to these attractions are mostly done by many foreigners as well as locals, having a fun and great shopping spree at their state-of-the-art mall is quite amazing.


If you are looking for what is trending today for fashion, touring at the Orchard road is recommended. Orchard road in the main point for trade in the country and online casino is a very well-known shopping avenue. Here, you can find international and local brands. However, if you think that Orchard Road doesn’t have the things that you desire, going at the Marina Bay Area is the next choice.

Also, shopping places like Little India, Chinatown and Kampong Glam are included in the list. Here, more cultural items such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, antiques, textiles and other ethnic products. While you are shopping at these places, you can turn your back and visit Tiong Bahru, Haji Lane and Ann Siang Hill.


Wedding Forum Proper Etiquette

Wedding forums are where soon-to-be brides and grooms share some of their wedding ideas. This is extremely helpful and useful since there are hundreds and millions of ideas that can help you with your questions and issues. However, you should always keep in mind that your posts are read by different people of different culture and attitudes. It is important that you always keep your posts pleasing so as not to hurt or affect anyone’s feelings. So, if you’re planning to sign up and be a member of a Singapore wedding online forum, read first these basic forum etiquette for a smooth relationship with other forum members.


1. Discuss ONLY what’s in the topic
Forums, including wedding forums, are made to be meeting grounds for people who have same concerns. Usually, these concerns are very important which needs immediate solutions. And joking around, posting off topic answers will surely upset or annoy everyone in the group.

2. Include all necessary information when posting or answering posts
Whether you are answering or asking a question, make your thought complete by including all the necessary details on your posts. It’s very upsetting to someone in SIngapore who badly needs advice if the solution you posted isn’t complete. Answer the questions what, when, where, why and how in posting your ideas. Make this your guide to be sure you’ve posted all the necessary details.

3. Be nice
It is a fact that online wedding forums can easily attract people whose primary motive is to upset or annoy people as much as they can. Control your temper and don’t buy the arguments evoked by these people. No matter how rude the comments thrown at you, still be civil and nice to everyone or if you can manage to ignore them, オンライン カジノ much better. Do not involve yourself to any arguments in the forum.


4. Do not “quote” previous posts
Quoting is not really necessary unless you would like to make or clarify a point. You can just mention the name of the one you are referring to instead of quoting what he/she said. Quotations only make the post unnecessarily long and cluttered.

5. Do not post spams
Participating in online forums, especially wedding forums like perfect wedding forum in SIngapore, is about sharing your expertise and gaining recognition from people. It’s not about excessive advertising of products. You may advertise but make it subtle and only if needed. Let’s say you’re a wedding planner in Singapore, you can answer wedding planning questions while subtly introducing your services to people. Second option is, you can put your advertisement on your default signature so it will be seen automatically by the members without you bluntly advertising it. This way, you won’t offend any member while getting the advertisement you needed.

• Use emoticons to convey your tone. Some people might misunderstand you since all they can see are the texts and not your expression.
• Avoid using ALL CAPS. This is viewed as if you are screaming which appears to be rude.
• Always remember to stick with the topic and avoid controversial topics like religion and politics.


HDB Guidelines


You finally found the right HDB (Housing Development Board) flat. Good for you. You must be excited of this new milestone but you are thinking about your neighbours. Your neighbours may be strangers and sometimes it is scary but the secret here is to be resilient. You should do your best to live harmoniously with your neighbours so at the end of the day everything is peaceful and trouble free. To live harmoniously with the neighbours mean:

  • Pets: Before bringing your pet in your flat, make sure that your HDB approves of it. If pets are okay, you have to make sure that your pets do not bother your neighbours.
  • Displays: If you are fond of plants and flowers, never put your pots in balconies and corridors. It might fall or harm others.
  • Vandalism: Vandalism is an offence not only in HDB flats オンライン カジノ but around Singapore. Vandalism, regardless of its aesthetic beauty (like graffiti) is highly discouraged.
  • Garbage: All flats have chute. It is your duty to throw your garbage here. You have to bag it first before throwing it. Remember that flammables never go down the chute.
  • Noise: Whatever you do, you should keep the noise down. Noise can come from your radio, television, air conditioning or party. There are neighbours that are tolerant but know that there will come a time that they will complain.
  • Laundry: Before you hang your laundry outside, make sure that there is no dripping water. This is important so people walking will not be inconvenienced.

The things mentioned above are easy to follow. Failure to comply will land you problems. While you are new, you should establish good neighbour relationship.



DTL to Open Soon

Good news for commuters out there! Down Town Line (DTL) will be opening soon. DTL is the 5th MRT line here in Singapore. The opening will be in three stages – December 22, 2013, 2016 and 2017. When it is completed, it will serve more than 500,000 commuters every day with thirty four stations. DTL will connect Central Eastern and North Western districts to downtown Singapore.


People are excited for the completion of this project. But for now, people should welcome the first stage (the opening of the six completed stations). To spearhead the opening of the first stage, there are many activities and events unfolding. Here are some things you should look forward to:

  • Free rides: Before the official opening of the DTL (on December 22), there are free rides and the best thing is, it’s unlimited! If you want to get a taste of the new DTL, you can ride along the six completed stations.
  • Fitness classes: Apart from free rides, you will surely enjoy complimentary fitness classes. While exploring the DTL, might as well exercise.
  • Discounts: The stations have stores that offer apparel and jewelleries. The good news is that some of the stores offer 10% discount. Not only that, you can shop while you enjoy free champagne.

The completed stations include Telok Ayer, Amoy, Bugis, Downtown and Chinatown. The festivities will start on December 7, 2013. Music will be provided. For the commuters at Telok Ayer, they will enjoy the featured artworks. So, mark your calendar and enjoy the freebies.


Meet Different Singaporeans on the MRT

Dover_mrt_singapore_z MRT is one of the most common transportation around the world. In fact, it is the third most famous transport in the world after cars and buses. While riding MRT is only a forced situation for some people, others see it as their usual duty. People who always ride MRT must meet these different and special people inside the train.

1.       Attention-Seeker

These people shows off what they’ve got. It’s like they are practicing for the audition for Singapore’s Got Talent. They dance; they sing loudly, they do pull-ups inside the train as if they are the only people inside the MRT and other crazy things that they imagine.

2.       Pusher

Even if the train is full and there is no way you’ll all fit, these people continue to push people as long as they can. If they can be a superhero, I bet they can be Incredible Hulk. One push is enough for people to make way.

3.       Sleeper

Clearly, they are the ones who sleep on the trip. Whether the dusk or dawn, they will online casino surely travel to their destination – to dreamland. Most of the time, these don’t mind even if they wake up leaning on the other passenger.

4.       The Einstein

Most of them are youths especially students. These are people who are studying trying to familiarize all the topics that they have discussed. Usually, these are student who are not listening and students who are Einstein-like.

Have you seen them?

Typically, there are many types of Singaporeans when you are in the train and most of them have this quote – “Mind your own business.”



Odd Driving Violations in Singapore

singapore-traffic-police Driving is a skill wherein one must be an expert. Typically, accidents occur because of careless driving. Because accidents mostly happen in the road, authorities come up with a rules and regulations that must be followed. Once it is violates, there will be corresponding punishments and/or penalties.

Oftentimes, the reasons why drivers are being penalized and punished is that they don’t know what law or rules exists. According to Singaporean authorities, many drivers break laws because they are not aware of it. For the benefit of Singaporean drivers, law enforcement informs public of what are the unknown traffic rules that is commonly violated.

Making U-Turns

At any intersection, drivers must not make U-turn unless there is a sign or a traffic enforcer told you so.  A fine of S$70 is imposed for drivers who are caught violating this rule.

Slow-paced Right Lane

If you think running slowly as you want is good when you are at the right lane, think again. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, cars that are running slowly in the right lane will be fined more than S$1000 and an additional 3-month imprisonment.

Using of Fog-lights

Using of fog-lights is already a violation if you are using it in an appropriate weather. Same as running slow on the right lane, using fog-lights also impose a 3-month imprisonment and a fine of S$1000 or more and if it is violated the second time the fine and/or jail time maybe doubled.

Leaving the Car Engine open

National Environment Agency and the Environmental Protection and Management Regulations for Vehicular Emissions states that leaving your car’s engine open is a violation and as a result, a fine of S$70 to S$2,000 may be imposed.



The Negative Effects of Abortion

There is an act here in Singapore (called Termination of Pregnancy Act) that necessitates most women to consider pre abortion counselling. According to the Senior Minister (of State for Health) Dr. Khor, the number of abortions performed here has declined since 2006. In 2006, there were about 12302 cases of abortion but in 2012, significant increase was noted – there were about 10624 cases of abortion. If you are pregnant and you are contemplating about abortion, you need to undergo counselling.


Your counsellor will create a picture of the effects of this crucial decision. It is important that you carefully consider the negative effects of abortion to include:

1. Isolation

There are women who avoid other people because of their decision Eventually, the avoidance patterns will result to isolation.

2. Irritability or aggressiveness

Your annoyance to others who are questioning your decision is not a good way to cope up. Sometimes, you just ignore them but sometimes, you become aggressive or violent to prove your point.


3. Sleeping problems

If you feel that you made the wrong decision, you will not sleep well. Other people say that it is your conscience that is bugging you. You might experience insomnia, nightmares and you can hear a baby crying.

4. Eating disorders

When you are not feeling good physically or emotionally, it is either you eat too much or you eat less. If you eat too much, you will gain more weight. If you eat less, you will get sick.


5. Back/abdominal pains

Sometimes, you will experience back/abdominal pains. Even if the abortion is successful, there will always be side effects. There are other people who experienced skin irritations. You need to endure it and live by your decision.

6. Trauma and depression

Women cope differently. Abortion is a major life event – it can affect you no matter how you convince yourself that you made the right decision. You will be traumatized or depressed.

If you still want to push through, you need to be physically and emotionally ready because this is not easy. Whatever decision you consider, you have to live with it.

The AFC Asian Cup

There is no doubt that football is Singapore’s number one sports. Everyone is tuning in to the 2015 AFC Asian Cup. Singapore is looking forward to win over Syria in the qualifying rounds on November 15,2013. The Singapore’s team has high hopes to win over Syria and give them back to back defeat. Bernd Stange’s team moved 3rd in Group A. The second place is Jordan which is only ahead of two points from the team. It doesn’t matter if you are a football fan or not, it would be beneficial if you know about AFC Asian Cup. Do not be apathetic and take time to know more about this.



The Asian Cup is a football tournament managed by AFC (Asian Football Confederation). It was founded in 1956 and it is considered the second oldest regional championships around the world. It was agreed that オンライン カジノ the tournament will be held every four years like European Foot ball Championship, Summer Olympic Games and other major tournaments. The tournament is joined by 16 teams. The most recent team is from Australia who joined the tournament in 2007.



As mentioned earlier, there are 16 teams. These teams are comprised of the best football players in their own countries. Each team vies for the AFC Asian Cup championship. The champion will automatically qualify for the FIFA World Cup. The FIFA World Cup is the ultimate dream of football players. The champions for 2011 AFC Asian Cup was Japan. There are other successful teams like Iran, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait and Israel.


The Importance of Sports

According to the acting Minister for the Culture, Community and Youth, Lawrence Wong, the forthcoming SEA (South East Asia) Games and Singapore Sports Hub in 2015 can become a vehicle that can bring more support for sports here in Singapore.

The development of sports is crucial in the community. Many people see sports important. If you have a child and you want to provide him/her positive opportunities while growing, indulging them to sports activities will be a good start. What is the importance of sports? Here are some ideas:


Good Sportsmanship

Good sportsmanship is not only applicable in the court or field because it can also be applied in real life. When you talk about sportsmanship, it means respect for others, graciousness in losing and playing fair. If your child learns this at an early stage, he/she will surely survive anything.

Build Confidence

Sports can build the confidence オンライン カジノ ゲーム of your child. If your child has lesser coordination, sports can hone his/her skills. As time goes by, he/she will be more confident thereby improving his/her play. If your kid is having fun, he/she will be better.

Learning Experience

Whether your kid is watching TV or actually playing it, he/she will consider that every game is a learning experience. For example, by watching a game, your kid will learn about mathematical concepts (e.g. scoring). Sportsmanship is also learned.

However too much of something is bad enough. There are some parents having problems with their children playing because it distracts them from their school performance or accomplishments. If you notice that sports are getting in the way of your child’s school performance, it is important that you guide him/her.