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Taking Actions Against Violence

Violence against women and children is forbidden. Any actions that can undermine the physical, emotional and mental health of women and children should be apprehended but not all women and children stand against violence. Sadly, there are women and children who are not willing to report their case because they are either afraid or they feel that they have no choice but to endure it and hope that the abuser gets tired of doing it.

Reporting violence especially if it is your husband or your father is not easy but it should be dealt with. We should get rid of violence. Women and children should not let violence take over their life and eventually their future. So, how can you take actions against violence?


1. Talk to relatives or friends

It is not easy to open up but it is a necessary step towards self liberation. Talk to your relatives or friends about it. Do your best because they are the オンライン カジノ people who can help you.

2. Report the case

You should build your strength for you and your kids. You may be afraid but reporting the case is an important step too. There is a dedicated desk in every police station for cases of violence against women and their children.

3. Build your self-esteem and self worth

When you get beatings all the time, your self esteem and self worth will be destabilized. There are women and children are not the same when they are abused. It does not mean that you do your best to be the same but it means that you do your best to build your self esteem and self worth for the new you.

4. Get outside help

Apart from your relatives and friends, you need someone who can understand you and has an idea of what you are going through. You can go and get outside help. There are many therapists out there who are willing to lend a hand. There are support groups that you can join. They will not judge.

Of course, it is easier said than done but it is important that this is stopped if not totally eliminated.

The Characteristics of a Liveable City

Singapore came in 52 out of 140 major cities ranking of the world’s most liveable city. This is according to The Economist magazine. The number one spot goes to Melbourne, Australia followed by Vienna, Austria and then Vancouver, Canada. The term “liveable city” describes the quality of life of the people plus the characteristics of cities which can make them liveable. There are other groups that consider standard of living as a measure.


There are many rankings these days such as The Economist, Monacle and Forbes. The rankings differ but generally, when you say liveable city, it refers to:

  • Employment – If a city generates jobs more than it losses, the city is a liveable one. Of course, people need jobs. If there are casino many jobs available in a certain city, many people will come to there and even consider migrating.
  • Crime rate – The government should do its best to keep the citizens safe. If the city has a low crime rate, more people will flock to live there because they feel safe and secured.
  • Public servants – If the city has a pool of public servants that respond quickly, the city is appealing.
  • Affordable public transport – If the city provides its people with an accessible and affordable public transport, many will surely consider it. The movement of people will be facilitated.
  • Infrastructure – If the place has top of the line infrastructure projects, it means development and growth. Infrastructures are symbolic. Many people will be confident to seek opportunity if they see infrastructurs.
  • Tax rates – If the place offers low tax rates to businessmen, it is definitely liveable. The low tax rates will encourage more business in the place. More business means more job generation.
  • Health – Of course, the health should never be neglected. When a place provides quality health care and standard hospitals, many people will surely go there and get treatments.

The Elements of a Liveable City

For your information, according to The Economist magazine’s ranking of the world’s most liveable cities, Singapore came in number 52. There are 140 major cities. The number 1 spot landed to Melbourne, Australia then Vienna, Australia and the third spot goes to Vancouver, Canada. When you speak of “liveable city” it generally describes the quality of life or the standard of living of the people. There are elements that make a city liveable.


The ranking was given by the Economist but you should know that there are other ranking agencies out there each with different notions about “liveable cities”. There’s the Forbes.com and the new Monacle. Regardless of your references, explaining a liveable city should be easily understood. So, what makes a city liveable? Here are simple elements of a liveable city:

  • Jobs – Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the generation of jobs. People flock in a specific city because they can see more job opportunities.
  • Health and Security – The city should strengthen its health care system. The hospitals or the health care system of a “liveable city” is beyond compare. To add, the people should also feel secured. This means more responsive public servants and lower crime rates.
  • Public transport – The city should offer accessible and affordable public transport.
  • Infrastructure – Infrastructures are powerful symbols of stability.
  • Tax – If the city offers low tax rates, more business will come. If you encourage more business, you also increase job creation or generation.

Whether your city belongs to the rankings or not, you should be thankful for what it can give you. In that light, you should help the environment foster it. You can have your share of development if you help your city achieve its maximum potential.

Themed Bbq Party

Do you want to spice up a typical backyard bbq party? Then give your bbq party a unique theme! People in Singapore are fond of throwing bbq cookout parties. With the perfect summer-like climate of Singapore all year round, bbq party is a great way to celebrate festivities anytime of the year. Have a uniquely themed cookout celebration whether you’re doing it on your own or you’re hiring a bbq catering company to set the place and do the cooking for you.


Adding a theme to an ordinary bbq party enhances the appeal and appearance of the entire Singapore event. Add some variations and turn your typical backyard celebration into a bbq cookout that your guests will never forget. Here are some of unique satay party theme ideas to help you get started.

Hawaiian Bbq

When you talk about Hawaii, sun, beach, surf, and waves immediately comes to mind. So why not bring pieces of it to your own backyard. Decorate your bbq area with tropical flowers, vintage surfboards, raffia, fake or real palm trees, sand and shells in jars as table centerpieces, and get summertime music playing in the background. Make sure to let everyone know the theme of the spring ocean barbecue Singapore party for the guests to dress accordingly. Include coconut drinks and fresh fruits in the food menu. These are definite menu items that can enhance the theme of a Hawaiian party. Some Hawaiian bbq foods that should also be included are:

  • bbqed kebabs
  • grilled fish
  • grilled ham steaks with pineapple slices
  • char siu pork (a famous Hawaiian meat)
  • macadamia nuts crusted grilled chicken with honey mustard dip

Serve each of these dishes with fresh vegetable salads on the side and ice cold drinks for refreshing and full meal.

Wild West Bbq

This bbq party theme is more of an indian and cowboy-like theme. If you opt for a Wild West bbq theme, then you must secure a number of costumes (e.g. cowboy, sheriff, bartender, barber, Indians, dancing bar girls), hay bales, straw, cactus plants, teepees, cowboy hats, and the “Wanted” posters (print out photos of guests to fill the poster). Wild West theme party in Singapore is greater when lots of scrumptious bbq foods are served, such as:

  • Fried foods, like chicken drumsticks and hash browns
  • Steaks and sausages
  • A pot of spicy hot, baked beans
  • A stew simmering on a bbq wok burner
  • A damper served with dip
  • Bake baby potatoes on the grill by wrapping them in aluminum foil
  • Hotdogs and hamburgers served with chili and lots of bbq sauce

Hollywood Bbq

When we think of Hollywood, fame, money, glamour, and paparazzi are just some of the things that we immediately associate with it. Let everyone wear formal cocktail dresses and decorate the place with twinkling lights, elegantly arranged tables, and lastly, don’t forget the red carpet. Also, put up a mini casino where your friends can play and win small awards. For the food, you can hire a bbq catering provider or get best bargains at bbq wholesale shops. Ask for bbq wholesale prices of different finger foods to accompany your Hollywood bbq party.

  • mini-sized gourmet pizzas
  • gourmet kebabs of chunky sliced veggies
  • skewed mini sausages
  • mini hotdogs and hotdog sandwiches
  • mini hamburgers with TLC (tomato, lettuce, and cheese)
  • Fish sliced into bite-size pieces served in a platter with wasabi mayonnaise dip

To finish off, serve a bottle of champagne and elegantly arranged pieces of chocolate coated strawberries in a platter on every table.


Poolside Bbq

A poolside bbq party has almost the same idea with normal Singapore bbq parties except the presence of splashing waters. But what will you do if you don’t have a pool? Have the party in a resort or you may also improvise.  Water slides, inflatable pools, hoses, sprinklers, and buckets of water can all serve as a substitute to a pool. Poolside parties are perfect for adults and kids, and can include numerous summer dishes that everybody will surely love.

  • fish burgers, chicken burgers, and hamburgers
  • bbqed  veggies and seafood kebabs
  • hotdog with marshmallows on stick for kids
  • deep fried prawns served with mango salsa
  • macadamia nuts crusted fish
  • fried banana splits
  • grilled pineapple, banana, and apple fritters topped with ice-cream

How the Governments Deal with Haze Problems

The governments of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia have agreed to institute a trilateral union. The union is part of the effort of the three countries to discuss the haze condition and its solution. If you might recall, Indonesia didn’t sign the Transboundary Haze Pollution. Singapore is hoping that Indonesia will reconsider its signing and ratification. The president of Indonesia was very keen on apologizing to Malaysia and Singapore for the haze problem and he promised to tackle this problem with his ministers.


What are the efforts of Singapore’s government to tackle this serious problem? Here is a look:

Persuading neighbours

The burden of minimizing the haze and its emission does not only fall to Singapore. Other neighbouring countries should also tackle the problems and do their best to implement long term solutions.

Review the options

Singapore implemented actions against haze but reviews and possible changes should take place. The continuous reviews and changes can make a big difference at the end of the day.


Diplomacy is an important conduct when you are dealing with other foreign countries. Diplomacy also means maintaining friendly relationships. When sorting things out, each country involved should approach it constructively to avoid misunderstanding and rift.

Indeed the way the world works is confusing and complex. There are many things to be considered before making a decision especially if it involves other governments or countries. If it is a foreign policy, it should be discussed appropriately and seriously. The government is doing its best not to put pressure on other countries because it might create tensions at the end of the day. The haze problems are thoroughly discussed and possible solutions are drafted.

Discussing the Haze Problem

There are guidelines when you deal with other countries to avoid conflict and tension. In the case of the worsening haze problems in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, issues should be discussed thoroughly without compromising the friendly relations. The President of Indonesia took the first step by apologizing to Singapore for causing the haze mishap. Singapore is hoping that Indonesia will now reconsider the signing and ratification of the agreement, which tackles about the Transboundry Haze pollution. If you remember, Indonesia didn’t sign the agreement.


It is said that the government of Indonesia is doing its オンライン カジノ best to mitigate and resolve the problem. When you deal with other countries, you should know what to do to prevent any tension. You should practice diplomacy. Diplomacy is the management of relationships and communication between nations. Diplomacy is also considered a code of conduct between nations and its leaders. If you are a diplomat, you should be skilful in handling or dealing things to avoid any hostility. You should:

Know the story

Knowing the two sides of the story and its history is crucial so you will know what to do and how to react on it. Do not just comment without thinking about it. Remember that whatever you say or do can implicate your country and it can cause conflicts.

Discuss the solution with your panel

If there is something that you need to decide over, make sure to relay it to your panel or to the proper entity.

Make sure that the decisions will favour all sides

It is very hard to find a solution that will favour all sides but it is possible.

Being a diplomat is not easy but it is the best way to deal with issues and problems. Talks are best than tanks and guns.

Feed Your Soul

If you are a music enthusiast, you consider music as the food for the soul and the only solution is to feed it. Here in Singapore, there are many places that you can visit to indulge your ears and your soul of course. You can simply refer to the following list:


Singapore Symphony Orchestra

SSO (Singapore Symphony Orchestra) is notable not only in the region but also in the world for its musical performances. The orchestra is comprised of 96 members. The tickets for SSO performances are always sold out. The orchestra recently released albums of Bright Sheng, Chen Yi, Richard Yardumian, Seascapes and many more.

SSO lies in Victoria Concert Hall. You can check their website at SSO.org.sg.

Malay Music

If you want to hear Malay Music, you can simply turn your TV on モバイル カジノ and look for Malay variety shows. Malay Music talks about the love of a man and woman depicted by means of lyric poems. Malay dancers will show you colourful props and dances that best illustrate their traditions.

Singapore Chinese Orchestra

SCO (Singapore Chinese Orchestra) is distinguished for its performing standards. The orchestra is comprised of 75 members. The orchestra performed to major international events like the 2003 International Summit of Arts Council, World Economic Forum and the 2006 International Monetary Fund Meeting.

SCO lies in Singapore Conference Hall. You can check their website at SCO.com.sg.

When you witness the performances, you will experience a world class entertainment. There are other places aside from the ones mentioned above that you can visit. If you are interested, you can check for performance schedules and local listings.

What to Do in Chinatown

Visiting Chinatown is a must thing to do in Singapore. If you have time, look around Chinatown and you will be happy. The sight will surely delight you especially if you bring your family or loved ones. Chinatown is a big place to explore for only a day. You have to visit it for many days. You can consider this as your guide to cover all major parts of Chinatown:


Chinatown Heritage Center – If you want to know the early story of Chinese immigrants, you better go to Chinatown Heritage Center. Finding this center is not that hard.

Chinatown Street Market – The Chinatown Street Market offers a lot of things for you. There are numerous stores that offer different merchandise- shoes, shorts, bags, wallets, pants, teas, souvenirs and many more. You can buy things cheaper here.

Religious Landmarks – If you explore deeper, you will see that there are many religious landmarks present in Chinatown. There are Hindu and Buddhist temples and mosques. You will オンライン カジノ find Sri Mariamman Temple, Jamae Mosque and tooth of Buddha.

Dining Options – Exploring Chinatown will make you hungry. The good thing is you can go to Chinatown Food Street and eat whatever you want and see. You will see lots of foods. Just look for Smith Street and you will surely enjoy the food. There are bakeries and restaurants nearby if you want.

Staying at a Hotel – If you are very tired, you can always check in to hotels nearby. There are many hotels with different ambiance or theme that will fit you. For instance you can go to The Scarlet, The Club, Hotel 1929 and New Majestic Hotel. If you want to spend less, there are cheap inns and hostels if you look for it.

Rock Band Aerosmith is Up and About

As one of the most successful and enduring rock bands in history, Aerosmith has already done a lot. And they’re still not ready to stop yet, as clearly seen during their recent visit in Singapore.


Social Star Awards

The veteran rockers – composed Joey Kramer, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford and frontman Steven Tyler – are in the country to perform at the 2-day concert following the Social Star Awards. The band will be performing along with “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen and Korean sensation Psy.

It’s All About the Music

Asked about what has driven the band for close to five decades, lead guitarist Joe Perry says it’s about the music and giving the audience a good time. Steven Tyler, who was also one of the judges of popular TV show American Idol, echoes Perry, saying that the band lives through their music and that music is a universal thing everyone can enjoy.

Singaporean Ladies

A true-blooded rock star, Tyler took note of the women in Singapore, praising them for their beauty. The 65-year-old rocker described the beauty of Singaporean ladies as “a great melting pot… delicious”. Tyler is a father of four, including Hollywood actress Liv Tyler and model Mia Tyler.

Not Retiring Soon

With a long list of awards and an inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, one might think that Aerosmith has done all it can. Not the band though, who says they have no plans of stopping yet. Last year, the band released their latest studio album Music from Another Dimension.