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Medical Tests Every 20-Something Woman Should Have


Maintaining our health (i.e. regular exercise, healthy diet, regular check-ups, etc.) is always something we plan to do, but the reality is that it’s all just plans—no actions. If lucky enough to be able to put them into action, they usually don’t last past week three. Why? Perhaps, due to laziness and the list of must-do things for the health gets longer and longer over time.


However, there are some medical things you should never skip out on, no matter how lazy you are or how hectic your schedule is. Here’s a list of must-take tests if you’re somewhere in your 20s.

Pap Smear

How Often: Once every three years when you reach 25.

What for: Pap smear checks for abnormal cells in the cervix. If your test shows any abnormality, don’t fret. Six in every 100 women come out with abnormal results, and it doesn’t mean you have cervical cancer—in most cases, abnormal cells go back to normal on their own. However, your healthcare provider will further investigate the result, and if the irregularity is confirmed, your doctor will likely recommend a treatment to remove affected cells and prevent serious development of diseases.

STD Test


How Often: The moment you start having intercourse, you should get an STD test at least once a year; and if you’ve had unprotected sex, it’s time to schedule your next.

What For: An STD test can check for an entire range of sexually transmitted diseases, from gonorrhoea and chlamydia to HIV and hepatitis. A standard STD check-up usually tests for everything but herpes, which can’t be checked until sores are found in your intimate areas.

Breast Examination

How Often: As long as you do a breast self-exam regularly and feel no lumps in the area, you can skip the examination. If not, you can have it checked once every three years. However, once you feel or see irregularities in your breast, go see a doctor right away for a breast examination.

What For: Looking for symptoms will help identify onset of breast cancer. The earlier it is detected, the better chance of curing it. If you notice abnormalities, such as dimpling, pain, change in size and texture of skin and secretion of liquid from the nipple, visit your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Other than those mentioned, there are a few more physical exams that need to be done for women in their 20s. These are just three of the most important and should never be skipped tests in your 20s.

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4 Activities to Prepare Your Toddler to Write

Learning to write can be stressful for toddlers. Having to control the writing material and doing deliberate movements takes time and effort, which can be discouraging for your little tot. Do not be pressured for your child to develop good handwriting once he starts holding a paper and a pencil. Starting to write is not easy, and all you can do is to help your child prepare and practice his motor skills.


Here are some activities that do not involve actual writing, but will help with your toddler’s hand muscles and coordination to make learning to write easier for him.

  1. Paint With Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs are not just for the ears, but can also be used for painting. The size of the cotton swab is perfect for the little hands of your tot to develop the right degree of dexterity. Get your little one a colouring book or a piece of paper. Bring out a few pieces of cotton swabs and paint, and let your child create his own masterpiece.

  1. Make Paper Balls

Put scratch papers to good use by using them as tools to develop your child’s motor skills. Give a few pieces to your little tot and show him how to crumple papers into balls. This many not seem too relevant in terms of teaching him to write, but scrunching papers will train your child’s hand strength for a better grip.


  1. Knead Some Playdough

A sure hit toy for your toddler is playdough. Aside from being a fun and creative toy, creating figures enhances your child’s motors skills. The simple acts of rolling, pressing, squeezing and pinching will greatly help in building your child’s hand strength.

  1. Cut and Paste

There are many activities that include cutting and pasting of objects, which are awesome actions for developing dexterity and strength. One simple activity is to draw a shape on a paper, and then asking your child to fill up the shape you drew by pasting cut outs of papers. For the cut-outs, you can use old newspapers, magazines, flyers and brochures or any paper you’re no longer using.

Beyond all of these activities, remember to allow your toddler to doodle whenever he likes to. Have papers, crayons, pencils, markers and pen ready, so he can use them anytime he likes. Any activity that requires heavy use of hands will greatly help in preparing his motor skills and hand strength for writing.


What to Pack on Your First Overseas Work Travel

A foreign work trip is one of the most exciting ways to visit a new place, since you’re guaranteed to see and experience things the way a local would. Packing for this trip, however, is a little different from packing for leisurely trip, which is why we’ve listed down six of the most important things you should bring on your first overseas work trip.


  1. A Sturdy Tote Bag

Since they’ll be no room for small purses in this trip, you’d definitely want to bring a bag that can serve as your carry-on, day bag, and briefcase during your travel. Long straps and pockets are necessary, as is a neutral colour that’ll go with everything. If possible, consider packing a small cross body clutch with you for your night outs.

  1. A Travel Wallet

If you’re travelling for leisure, then your daily wallet and passport cover would be enough. But if you’re on a work trip, you’ll be juggling on handfuls of receipts and itineraries. We say, consider splurging on a quality travel wallet. Look for one with two billfold compartments to separate currencies. You’ll get thrilled that your dollars aren’t swimming with your Euros as you purchase your first coffee on your trip.

  1. Foldable Flats

Going on a work travel means you don’t have the luxury to pack in your favourite New Balance sneakers – but so is your sky-high heels. An even better choice than this two is stashing foldable flats that you can easily take out and wear as you hail a cab or tour the metro.


  1. Gifts From Your Place

Although gift giving depends on context and culture, bringing a colleague something from your hometown can be a nice gesture. Is your colleague picking you up at the airport? Did the person recommend a good dinner spot or a great hotel? Bringing and giving small things like candy, a nice pen, or stationary will surely help you build some rapport with the other person.

  1. A Padfolio

Using the hotel notepad and pen doesn’t quite give the ‘international businesswoman’ vibe you want to achieve. Instead, invest on a sleek padfolio for your meetings to make you look like you’re ready to work. Added points for one that can hold all the business cards you’ll be handed with.

Packing essentials for a work trip can be tricky, but knowing what things you should really bring will surely make your work travel an enjoyable and a smooth-sailing one.


Travelling the Untraveled

4 Unexplored Countries You Should Consider Visiting

There’s just something magical about places like Rome and Paris that makes us dream to visit once or twice in our lifetime. The culture, charm, and history of these places just draw all of us in. However, you also deal with crowds, overdevelopment, and droves of tourists in these locations. On your next trip out of Singapore, why not consider taking a break from the usual destinations, and head to any of these countries? They may be off the beaten path, but they also have a lot to offer.


  1. Bhutan

Bhutan is an astoundingly beautiful country that is home to incredible culture and art. It’s one of the most unique places in the world with archaic Buddhist monasteries, lush green landscapes, and a lack of commercialization or overcrowding.

The Himalayan country offers an incredible number of sceneries to see, especially if you’re interested in mountain treks. Its mountain treks are considered are one of the best in the world, and the sights it provide says it all. Paro Taktsang, the sacred Buddhist site that’s located on the cliffside, is one of the most visited spots in the country.

  1. Uruguay

With the many beautiful destinations to choose from in South America, Uruguay often gets lost in the mix. So start off your tour in this country in its capital, Montevideo, which is home to the nightlife scene, and a great boardwalk known as the Rambla de Montevideo.


The country is also home to beautiful beach areas like Punta del Este and Punta del Diablo. The former is known for its incredibly fresh seafood and great views that draws the wealthy vacationers in. The latter, on the other hand, is an astonishing coastal spot popular with backpackers, as well as those who are looking for a more luxurious beach vacation. Both beaches offer a relaxing vibe perfect for locals and tourists who want to unwind.

  1. Latvia

Although it’s smaller than most of its other European counterparts, Latvia also has a lot to offer with its breath-taking sceneries, and its capital city, Riga. Here you’ll find gothic architecture, old cobblestone roads, and a great restaurant and hip bar scene. So make sure that you spend some time walking around town to witness some of its beautifully preserved streets and buildings.

Your visit to Latvia doesn’t just end in Riga though. If you’re thinking of visiting during summertime, head to Jurmala to relax in the beautiful beaches, or to Kuldiga to stroll around the picturesque medieval town that everyone can enjoy.

  1. Malta

When travelling to the Mediterranean, Greece and Italy are the popular choices among travellers. However, the tiny country of Malta offers just as many breath-taking sights – minus the crowds. Malta is just south of Italy, and is considered as one of the smallest countries in the world. Valletta, the country’s capital, was once hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its age-old statues and buildings, and its atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re travelling back in time.

Visiting lesser-known destinations offer the same unforgettable experience as with the more popular travel spots. So consider travelling any of these places on your trip to have a refreshing travelling experience – and to stay away from the crowd.


Cyber Security 101: Common Types of Malware

Cyber security is one of the constant issues that worries small to medium businesses in Singapore. With hundreds of thousands of malwares released on a daily basis, these malicious programs are becoming more complex and hard to detect. However, if we are equipped with the right knowledge by knowing the most common types of malware and how to spot them, we’re a step closer to malware-proofing our company’s IT system.


Types of Malware

Computer worms are one of the most common types of malicious software. They cause harm to the host network by overloading web browsers and consuming bandwidth. Hence many companies require good IT services in Singapore to fix these issues. While this malicious program can be classified as virus, there are several characteristics that distinguish worms from regular computer viruses, such as its ability to independently self-replicate and spread over the network.

Like worms, computer viruses can also replicate and spread to other computers, but cannot activate until the user runs the infected file. Often attached in files, viruses are easily spread through emails and downloadable data from the Web. When activated, viruses can corrupt or delete data and sometimes can erase entire content of a hard disk.

Trojan Horse
A Trojan horse, or commonly known as “Trojan,” is a destructive computer program that looks like a normal file to trick you into downloading and installing a malware. Attacks made by this malicious software can range from annoying pop-up ad windows to severe data theft and unauthorized system access. Unlike the first two malwares, Trojans do not self-replicate, but they penetrate the system the same way worms and viruses do—through Internet downloads and email attachments.


In the context of software, a bug is just a program flaw that produces undesired effects. These program flaws are usually the result of human error due to wrong source coding. Minor bugs slightly affect programs, while more significant bugs can cause a program to freeze or crash. Security bugs are the most alarming type of bugs as they allow hackers to override access privileges, bypass user authentication, and steal data. On the lighter note, however, bugs can be easily prevented with quality control, code analysis tools, and integration of IT services in the system.

Bots are programs created to automatically perform specific computer operations. Although some bots are created for harmless purposes, it is becoming increasingly common to encounter bots that function as malicious software. This malware can be used as spambots that pops up advertisements and as web spiders that wipes server data. Also, bots are utilized for distribution of malware disguised as popular search items and in botnets for DDoS attacks.

Actions You Can Do
Singapore business owners, especially those who own smaller businesses, often ask what they can do to protect important data and software from these harmful programs. The best place to start is to practice better and secure Web browsing and Internet practices. Web downloads and email attachments are seen as the easiest method for malwares to enter a system. Of course, using a good anti-virus software and enabling security firewall—along with keeping your operating system and computer programs updated—further helps in preventing penetration of majority of malwares into your IT infrastructure.

However, do remember that no system is 100% invincible to malicious programs. This is when professional IT services come as a big help. These experts ensure that your system is proactively monitored and managed to ensure healthy IT environment. Dedicated computer technicians and engineers make sure to maintain a secure IT interface through constant software update and anti-virus protection along with regular security analysis.


Finding Love in Old Age

There’s no age limit when it comes to finding romantic love. Both the old and the modern times have seen young people fall in love and enter into relationships. Building a family used to be a personal achievement and a priority so people in the good old days married young to take advantage of their young healthy bodies. Nowadays, people have become more focused in their careers and personal growth that we have seen more marriages between middle-aged couples in Singapore. We think we’re more emotionally mature and financially stable when we settle down at an older age.


Young couples vs. Old couples in love

Young couples in love tend to focus more on their physical attraction, sexual desires, and bodily pleasures. Young couples tend to be less mature so they fight often, go through whirlwind romance, experience a rollercoaster of emotions, and have a high likelihood of breaking up. On the other hand, old couples rarely indulge in physical pleasures. They focus more on sharing intimate conversations and affectionate expressions of love. They tend to have a more mature and calm relationship.

How to rejuvenate love

Love can come knocking on anyone’s door regardless of age and status in life. Old people can still learn to love again just like they did when they were younger although probably not as enthusiastic as they used to. They can rekindle the romantic sides in them by putting on extra effort to be more active and social. They can rekindle love in their lives by giving romantic presents, going out on romantic dinner dates, sharing intimate conversations with a partner, and many more.


Advantages of finding love in old age

Old age can be a trap for an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle so finding romance in old age can be advantageous. You’ve probably heard it often that love can make one feel young again. This is most true for old folks who find reasons to remain healthy and active. This leads them to more physical activities that keep them away from old age related health issues.

Old folks may also have renewed vigor in their mental capacity. Finding a new purpose in life can lead them to venture into more creative and productive accomplishments. Many of the most successful people found their biggest successes when they reached the age of forty and above.

It’s also common for old folks to tend to feel depressed and unwanted in their latter years so finding love again would erase those negative emotions.


Features to Look for in the Best High Visibility Rain Gear

High visibility rain gear is essential for working and riding in Singapore under wet seasons where mist, rain showers, and heavy downpours may contribute to a low visibility condition. Most high visibility apparels come with different features that make choosing the best high visibility rain gear a little tricky. When manufacturers come up with a lot of new technologies and fancy designs, just how do you determine which among them is the right one for you? Below is a list of some of the features to look for in order to find the best high visibility rain gear:

BTwin 500 High Visibility Waterproof Cycling Jacket

High quality fabric

The best high visibility rain gear is made of high quality fabric. You’ll know that it is made of only the best material for fabric because the rain gear feels comfortable, breathable, and looks durable. The lightest and most breathable fabric is the one with waterproof treatment.

Waterproof design

Pay careful attention to how manufacturers describe their high visibility rain gear. Most people make the mistake of thinking that waterproof and water-repellant or water-resistant rain gears are just one and the same. To make the distinction, a waterproof rain gear has fully taped seams and waterproof fabric while water-repellant or water-resistant rain gears use hydrophobic fabric treatment and cannot shield you from heavy downpours.

Mesh lining

A mesh lining is something you’ll want to have on your high visibility rain gear as it adds overall comfort. This provides a comfortable feeling on the bare skin and can seep away the dampness underneath the apparel. This is highly appreciated especially when you sweat a lot and use this rain gear under warm temperatures.


Dropped tails and adjustability

A detachable dropped tail is something that motorcyclists would want to look for as this feature covers the wearer’s lower back and behind while crouching low on the bike. You also need to look for an ergonomic design that allows you more room to stretch on your arms while stretching on your bike and efficiently cover gaps between your collar and cuffs.


Make sure that your high visibility rain gear is made of highly breathable design and allow for good ventilation. Most rain gears without this feature is very uncomfortable to wear. A good ventilation design on your high visibility rain gear means it has a full length zip and zips on sleeves and armpits. These zips allow for good amount of air circulation.


Best Beaches in Southeast Asia

Singaporeans love to travel and you can expect even more travels during summer vacations. When it comes to summer getaways, beach remains to be the top choice for summer destinations. Who doesn’t want to dip in cool water under the scorching heat especially if the water is as clear as it gets. Another reason why going to the beach is such a hit is because of their breathtaking natural beauty that no pool resorts or any man-made structure can ever beat. There are also a lot of water sports activities you can try such as parasailing, paragliding, jet skiing, helmet diving, and many more.


These are the best beaches in Southeast Asia every Singaporean would want to go to:

Boracay, Philippines

You won’t be disappointed by the pristine white sand of Boracay. There’s a reason why this is a popular destination among locals and foreigners alike and that’s because it’s everything you’d imagine a white sand beach would be. It’s possible to enjoy your beach outing on a budget especially when you’re travelling with a group of friends or an exclusive beach experience if that’s what you prefer. The place is also packed with all sorts of activities so you can expect a lot from Boracay.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is made even more famous by Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie The Beach. It is easy to arrange an island hopping tour where you should skirt through the many islands around Phuket and pick your spot for swimming. The beaches are also lined with white sand and beautiful rock formations.

70 3 phuket thailand bond bay

Lombok, Indonesia

You can enjoy a lot of activities in Lombok such as surfing, diving, sunset watching, or simply just relaxing on the pristine beaches. These all make up a perfect ingredient for a dream beach destination. This is also an unspoilt and quieter Bali beach which only makes it even more ideal. You can just while away your hours with your partner as you enjoy an undisturbed quiet time on the soft white sand waiting for the island’s spectacular sunset.

Langkawi, Malaysia

This is Malaysia’s top beach destination and may well be one of the top beach destinations in the region. You can explore ancient limestone caves that surround the cluster island of Langkawi and go on spelunking trip. You can also go on white water rafting trip along the rippling waterways or join a boat tour on the mangrove forests.


Age Guidelines for Electric Cars

I don’t have a kid yet but already I’m excited to buy toys for my future kids. On top of my list are electric cars. There are different and appropriate electric cars for every age group and I’ve already thought of which ones to get for my kid’s very first ride on car, when my kid turns three or four, when my kid is already big enough, and so on. I want to buy electric cars for my kids to give them a fun childhood memory as well as help them develop their motor skills.


Zero to Two Years Young

You’d want to get a small, light, and simple electric car for your kid’s very first ride on toy. Electric cars of this group are great for helping develop your child’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and balance.

Two to Four Years Young

This is when even parents start having fun in choosing what electric car to get for their kids. Electric cars of this group are larger, a little faster, and also come with more fun features.


Five to Seven Years Young

Parents may want to save more when their kids start reaching the age of five. This is when selection for electric cars of this group becomes more sophisticated that even adults can be envious. Realistic-looking cars of classic car models are available at this point. Parents may also want to get faster types of electric vehicles like go-karts and dune buggies.

Eight to Thirteen Years Young

I’m already planning on getting an electric ATV or electric dirt bike for my kid once he or she reaches eight years old. Maybe an electric dirt bike if it’s a boy and an electric scooter if it’s a girl. This is when electric vehicles at this point start to gain more power and speed. I also want to see my kids capable of riding on different types of vehicles.

Fourteen Years Young and Up

Teenagers at this point may start thinking of what to get for their very first real cars. I haven’t thought this far yet but my kids may still want to go on kart racing at this age so I’m thinking of getting a go-kart for my kid at this age. Even adults still go on kart racing and find it so much fun so I’m sure this will still be a hit among teenagers.


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