What to Pack on Your First Overseas Work Travel

A foreign work trip is one of the most exciting ways to visit a new place, since you’re guaranteed to see and experience things the way a local would. Packing for this trip, however, is a little different from packing for leisurely trip, which is why we’ve listed down six of the most important things you should bring on your first overseas work trip.


  1. A Sturdy Tote Bag

Since they’ll be no room for small purses in this trip, you’d definitely want to bring a bag that can serve as your carry-on, day bag, and briefcase during your travel. Long straps and pockets are necessary, as is a neutral colour that’ll go with everything. If possible, consider packing a small cross body clutch with you for your night outs.

  1. A Travel Wallet

If you’re travelling for leisure, then your daily wallet and passport cover would be enough. But if you’re on a work trip, you’ll be juggling on handfuls of receipts and itineraries. We say, consider splurging on a quality travel wallet. Look for one with two billfold compartments to separate currencies. You’ll get thrilled that your dollars aren’t swimming with your Euros as you purchase your first coffee on your trip.

  1. Foldable Flats

Going on a work travel means you don’t have the luxury to pack in your favourite New Balance sneakers – but so is your sky-high heels. An even better choice than this two is stashing foldable flats that you can easily take out and wear as you hail a cab or tour the metro.


  1. Gifts From Your Place

Although gift giving depends on context and culture, bringing a colleague something from your hometown can be a nice gesture. Is your colleague picking you up at the airport? Did the person recommend a good dinner spot or a great hotel? Bringing and giving small things like candy, a nice pen, or stationary will surely help you build some rapport with the other person.

  1. A Padfolio

Using the hotel notepad and pen doesn’t quite give the ‘international businesswoman’ vibe you want to achieve. Instead, invest on a sleek padfolio for your meetings to make you look like you’re ready to work. Added points for one that can hold all the business cards you’ll be handed with.

Packing essentials for a work trip can be tricky, but knowing what things you should really bring will surely make your work travel an enjoyable and a smooth-sailing one.


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