When to Hire an Air Con Service Repair

If you have an air conditioning unit at home, you need to accept the fact that it needs regular aircon maintenance to keep your energy bills down and to make the unit function safely and properly. The question is… when is the right time to call your air conditioning service provider for a regular check-up and maintenance of the unit? What are the signs that your air conditioning unit needs repair? Knowing the signs will help you look for a professional to prevent the problems from getting worse.

1. The air is not cold anymore
You may find that your air conditioning unit is running but the air from the unit isn’t as cold as before or there’s no air cooling at all – that’s the first sign of the need for aircon repair. Most of these cases happen because the whole unit needs to be replaced or a certain part of it is broken and needs to be repaired.

2. Poor air flow
If you noticed a weak air flow from your air conditioning vents, the problem might be the unit’s compressor is failing or the duct work of the AC is too restrictive due to poor installation. Have it checked by the best airon repair guys in Singapore for aircon maintenance. Air conditioning services usually check the pressure of the system to correct air flow problems.

3. Water leakage from the unit
Leakage anywhere near the AC unit is a sign of problem. The water pipe connecting the unit and its drainage may be blocked with dirt or ice causing it to leak in inappropriate parts of the unit. You may solve this problem temporarily with the use of vacuum cleaner to unclog the pipes. But sooner or later your drainage pipe will be clogged again because your fan coil unit is still covered with dusts. The best solution, call an air conditioning service in Singapore and have the unit cleaned by professionals.

4. Strange Sounds
Another sign for the need of aircon maintenance is whining, low rattling noise from your AC unit might be a sign that you need to replace the whole system. If you hear a whining sound, there must be an air leak in the combustion air blower and return air grille. If you hear a low rattling noise before turning on the unit, there must be a crack in the heat exchanger. If not repaired immediately, it could result to carbon monoxide leak.

5. Foul Odors
Pungent smell from AC vents usually means that your AC unit’s wire has burned out. Musty odor usually means that molds have grown in the condenser coil. It develops if the unit does not drain properly, eventually requiring extensive aircon maintenance. Also, molds release spores that are carried by the air out the vents, bringing musty odor to the room.

6. Thermostat Problems
This is another common reason to get aircon repair in Singapore. The thermostat controls the air conditioning features of the unit. When it doesn’t function properly, you may not control the coldness or the warmness of the system, or it may not function at all. Some of these are caused by minor problems like the thermostat unit has no battery (some brands and models are battery operated), while some are caused by major problems like the unit’s wiring which needs professional air con service repair.