8 Quick Tips for Healthier Boozing  

Alcoholic drinks are a sneaky source of sugar, calories, and even salt, but not if you’re a smart drinker. Like food, alcohols can also be made healthier. Here are eight quick tips that will make your alcohol a calorie-less booze.


1. Use only fresh fruit juice. To reduce added sugar, use freshly squeezed or 100% fruit juice. Have it diluted with water or ice to cut back more on calories.

2. Make simple syrup with natural honey. Though it’s still sugary, natural honey has added benefits, such as a dose of antioxidants. Any booze that calls for a mix of sweet syrup will do well with just half a tablespoon of honey diluted in ¾ tablespoon of warm water.

3. Go for seltzer water over carbonated water. To reduce sodium and other additives, go for seltzer water. For drinks that require soda, cut back on portions or opt for diet versions. While those can also have their pitfalls, it’s less damaging than standard sodas.

4. Always go for lighter alcohol. Keep in mind that darker alcohols contain more additives and compounds, known as congeners, which are known to worsen hangovers.


5. Use fruits as flavourings as much as possible. If you want to get an intensely flavoured drink, cut up more fruits and throw them into you liquor mixture. The fruit itself has fibre and vitamins, which is beneficial to the health. As much as you can, avoid sugar and other artificial flavourings.

6. Include more nutritious ingredients. Let coffee, lemon, and ginger star in several of your drinks. Each got its own set of health benefits that has proven to counteract the negative effects of alcohol. (Note: Too much caffeine with alcohol, though, can be dehydrating, which can worsen hangovers. So, try to keep the coffee to a minimum.)

7. Serve in just the right amount. Especially when consuming liquid calories, serving size is an important matter. This is the reason why most bars keep most of their drinks around the eight-ounce mark.

8. Limit your intake to one shot per drink. Cocktails made in different types of alcohol can pack in serious amount of calories. Therefore, to control calorie intake, one shot per drink should be enough.

While these tips can’t assure that your drink will have 0% sugar content, we can guarantee that you’re booze is far healthier than the standard alcohols you get from your favourite local bar.


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