Coolsculpting Vs. Liposuction

Spanx, tunics, peplum tops, and jackets can hide small belly bulges. However, when clothing isn’t enough to cover those signs of fat, you might consider getting liposuction. But before you undergo one, you should know that you have another option—coolsculpting. So which one is better and more effective?


The answer is, both are effective procedures for people who want to reduce the amount of excess fat they have in their bodies. However, depending on your needs and preferences, one option is better than the other.


Liposuction, sometimes called lipo, lipoplasty, liposculpture or suction-assisted fat removal, is a procedure based on the principle of “negative pressure”. Notice how a straw works to suck up tapioca balls—liposuction works with the same principle.

The surgeon will have to create small incisions in areas to be treated to access fatty bulge. First, the doctor puts IV fluid into the area to help loosen the fat and encourage smooth contours. After injecting enough fluid, a cannula is inserted in the section. The Singapore doctor then turns on the suction and sculpts the area by moving the cannula throughout the fatty area. Progress is monitored by feeling, pinching, and measuring the amount of fat removed.

On the other hand, coolsculpting is a non-surgical technology developed by Zeltiq Aesthetics that aims to reduce fat cells by freezing them. You can consider to do coolsculpting by Astique in Singapore as they are a reputable clinic. This procedure starts off by making marks on the areas that needs to be treated for the precise placement of the device. Then, the surgeon places a transparent gel pad in the area to protect the skin, and then puts the applicator head in place. Note that no incision is made. A vacuuming device will then be used to suck the bulge into a cup, where there are two cooling panels that will numb the area.

The cooling action freezes the fat cells and will break them down, without harming the muscle, nerves, tissues, and the skin. After an hour, the doctor removes the application cup and massages the frozen bulge to break down the fat even more.

Recovery Period

It needs about 2 weeks to recover from a liposuction procedure, during which time physical activities are limited as much as possible to allow the body to heal. The treated area is expected to be bruised, swollen and sore. You may have to wear compression garments to help control some side effects.

Since Zeltiq coolsculpting is a non-invasive method, it doesn’t have a downtime. If you opt for this method, you can return to work or to your normal routine almost immediately after your visit to your aesthetic clinic. Though you may experience minor redness, tingling, numbness, bruising, or discomfort, all of these are temporary and will subside within a couple of days.



Liposuction results are drastic and are typically long-lasting. However, it has a considerable downtime period as it is an invasive procedure. Due to its side-effects of inflammation and swelling, the desired results may take one to three months to be clearly visible. The skin may also sag due to drastic loss of mass from the removed fat, in which case a patient may need additional surgery to remove the excess skin.
For coolsculpting, expect a 20 to 25 percent of fat loss in the treated areas, which you will notice within four to six weeks after the treatment. Bulges gradually thin out and reveal a more toned area. However, like liposuction, coolsculpting Singapore doesn’t remove excess skin.


Liposuction can be done to any healthy individual as long as they have no hernias or any bleeding disorder. It is most suitable to people who have excess fat that doesn’t seem to respond to exercise and diet. However, patients with significant amount of excess skin may be disqualified from undergoing this procedure.

For coolsculpting, doctors previously felt that this is only best for people with small pockets of fats. Later on, they discovered that with more treatments, patients with larger areas of fats can also achieve great improvements. The current applicators available in most coolsculpting Singapore clinics limit the treatment areas to love handles, abdomen, back, medial thighs, and upper arms.


Liposuction would not be a popular cosmetic procedure in Singapore if it did not offer great advantages, such as:
• Being a more intensive fat reduction procedure
• Results to better body contours
• Offers more immediate results
• Offers the possibility of combining slimming and skin tightening effect

However, Zeltiq coolsculpting wouldn’t be ranked as the number one fat-reduction technology in the country if it weren’t for its advantages, like:
• Being a non-surgical procedure
• Being a treatment option for those who don’t want to go intensive surgery
• Has minimal to no downtime
• Has fewer risks


If you want to lose extra fat and are considering liposuction, consider that:
• It has more surgical risks
• It will take you a couple of days or even weeks to return to your normal activities
• It may cause some temporary surface irregularities
Coolsculpting, although non-invasive, also has a couple of disadvantages, including:
• It causes temporary surface irregularities
• It gives less drastic results
• It can cause temporary pain and bruising following the procedure

The Winner

It’s impossible to pinpoint the best fat-reduction procedure without personal evaluation from a professional aesthetic surgeon. The right treatment depends on your needs and goals. What works best for someone doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice for you. To ensure you’re going for the right method, visit an aesthetic clinic and seek advice from a professional aesthetician.


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