Introducing the Features of UOB Mighty  


When you choose a bank, you consider its accessibility. If you already considered UOB, you have to know that it launched a mobile application that will let you make contactless payments with only your smartphone.


The application is called UOB Mighty. UOB is proud of the application’s different features which guarantee to make the lives of many Singaporeans fast and easy. You can manage your finances easily and accomplish daily banking needs instantly.

UOB Mighty features the following:

  • View accounts: Since it can be accessed through your smartphone, you can view your UOB accounts anywhere and anytime you think necessary. The application can help you track how much money you have as well as how much money you owe.


  • Transfer or pay: It is inconvenient waiting for your turn when paying bills, right? UOB Mighty can help with this dilemma because of its easy transfer or easy payment of bills. Steps are simple enough so there is no problem with the instructions. The good thing is that there are many establishments here in Singapore that is accredited and accepts transfer or pay.
  • Book and share: Your UOB Mighty can also help you with booking and sharing a restaurant or a hotel room. The application is linked with your Facebook and other social platforms.
  • Secured access: No one will consider it if it is not secured. UOB prides itself of secured access to prevent untoward things to happen.

Now that you know the features of UOB Mighty, it is time that you download it. Of course you need to join the bank first.st_20151125_yyuob253wf1_1864086

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