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Singapore Flight Experience

If you are looking for a different experience, why not try the Flight Experience? It will surely blow you away. The Flight Experience is an aviation entertainment open to all. The program imitates the Boeing 737-800 to give visitors the best aviation experience in their life. When you pilot it, it is like steering the real thing. It is an experience not to be missed. Fly high!

Here’s what you need to know about Flight Experience:


How it works

As mentioned earlier, the Flight Experience uses Boeing 737 flight simulator. This is to give the clients chance to pilot a modern plane directly from the Captain’s seat. This is not a game since the Boeing 737 flight simulator is certified by Civil Aviation Authorities around the world. In fact, the simulator is also used for pilot training.

Before take-off, an experienced pilot will give full briefing. If you want to be trained, the company also offers training and educational programs.

Getting there

The Flight Experience is located at 30 Raffles Avenue. If you take MRT and public buses, you need to note the station or bus number. For MRT, make sure to stop at the Bayfront station. Buses are available just look for routes 97/97E, 106, 133, 502/502A, 518/518A and NR1. If you decided to bring your car, there are many parking areas nearby, just don’t forget to pay the rates or charges to be safe.


Admission charges

The cost is depending on what flight package you choose. You can choose from 30 minutes of Scenic Flight ($175), 45 minutes of City Circuits ($215), 60 minutes of City Flyer ($275), 90 minutes of Ultimate ($395), 60 minutes of Multi City Flyer ($300) and 90 minutes of Multi Ultimate ($430).

Opening hours

The Flight Experience is open during Sundays-Thursdays from 10am to 9pm. Every Friday and Saturday, they open from 10am to 10pm.

Singapore’s Leading University

If you just finished your secondary education, the next big step would be taking up a bachelor’s degree and earn it in a university. The challenge is what degree to consider. There are many people that can help you with that. You can gather insights from your guidance counsellors and your family. If you are settled, you can start looking for a university that can educate you about your chosen field.

If you are in Singapore, you should consider a university that speaks of excellence and quality education. The National University of Singapore (NUS) would be a brilliant choice. It is considered as the oldest university in Singapore. What makes NUS special? Here’s a gist:



There are at least three campuses. The main campus is located at Kent Ridge. Another campus is located at Bukit Timah which is the quarters of the Faculty of Law, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and research institutions. The Outram campus is the dwelling place of Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore.


NUS is divided according to schools. Schools include Arts and Social Sciences, Business, Dentistry, Engineering, Design and Environment, Law, School of Medicine, School of Public Policy and Graduate School.


NUS give emphasis on research. The institution established 21 research centers like bioengineering, nanotechnology, biomedical and life sciences, engineering and many other crucial researches.

Facilities and student accommodation

Facilities include libraries and IT services. Computers used in the campus are connected with their campus-wide grid computing network. They have 7 libraries with wide collections of subjects.

NUS provides student accommodation in the form of their 6 Halls of Residence and 3 Student Residences.

SIFF: Keeping the Film Industry Alive

Singapore continues to promote the masterpieces of Asian filmmakers through the Singapore International Film Festival. Through this annual event, the country gives utmost appreciation and support to Asian films.


Film Screening and More

The Singapore International Film Festival is held around April or May of every year. Launched in 1987, the festival screens over 200 films from more than 40 countries. Aside from screening critically acclaimed and award-winning films, there are also film workshops, seminars, and filmmaking exhibitions for film students.

Festival Directors behind the Festival

Together with SIFF founder Geoffrey Malone, the festival was led by 3 festival directors namely Philip Cheah, Teo Swee Leng and Lesley Ho, who also acted as board members. After the 20th edition of the festival in 2007, Wahyuni Hadi became the festival manager and Jasmine Ng became the new board member. After a year, Zhang Wenjie and Wahyuni Hadi joined as festival directors. Currently, the board members behind the casino online festival are Geoffrey Malone, Philip Cheah and Jasmine Ng.


The Legacy of the Festival

SIFF continues its legacy of promoting film as an artistic expression across Asian countries. It paves the way for a more vivid film industry in Singapore. The festival also gives opportunity for audiences to watch films that are not screened commercially. Through its seminars and workshops on film-making, many film students are encouraged to hone their craft to become excellent filmmakers in the near future.

What was originally launched as a festival that would give a chance for local audiences to watch non-commercial and independent films now receives recognition from film critics throughout the world for its unceasing support and appreciation for Asian filmmakers and disregarded Southeast Asian films.

Lion Dance: The Dance for Good Fortune

The Lion Dance is a Chinese traditional dance in Singapore, performed mainly on festivals, such as Chinese New Year, and special occasions, including official openings of business establishments and offices.


The Legend Behind the Lion Dance

The Lion Dance has a very interesting story. A long time ago, there was a monstrous creature called the Nien that would ruin the fields, including the farmers’ crops and livestock. This great devastation would happen every year, on Chinese New Year Eve. The villagers finally made a plan to stop the animal’s ravaging. With bamboo and paper, the villagers created a frightening model of an animal. Accompanied by the loud banging of drums, they operated it like a puppet to frighten the Nien. This inventive and clever plan by the villagers completely drove off the Nien and brought success.

Henceforth, the Chinese believed that the lion brings luck, and so the Lion Dance is performed annually during the Chinese New Year to celebrate good fortune. The perfect place and time to watch Lion Dance performances is in Chinatown on New Year’s オンライン カジノ Eve.

Lion Dance and Dragon Dance

Oftentimes, the Lion Dance is mistaken for the Dragon Dance. However, you can easily differentiate the two by the number of people that operates the costume: there are two people that operate the lion, while more people are needed to operate the dragon. In addition to that, you cannot see the performers in a Lion Dance as they are covered by the costume. In contrast, the performers in a Dragon Dance can be seen as they hold and move their costume using long poles. Additionally, the basic movements in Lion Dance are derived from Chinese martial arts.