The Characteristics of a Liveable City

Singapore came in 52 out of 140 major cities ranking of the world’s most liveable city. This is according to The Economist magazine. The number one spot goes to Melbourne, Australia followed by Vienna, Austria and then Vancouver, Canada. The term “liveable city” describes the quality of life of the people plus the characteristics of cities which can make them liveable. There are other groups that consider standard of living as a measure.


There are many rankings these days such as The Economist, Monacle and Forbes. The rankings differ but generally, when you say liveable city, it refers to:

  • Employment – If a city generates jobs more than it losses, the city is a liveable one. Of course, people need jobs. If there are casino many jobs available in a certain city, many people will come to there and even consider migrating.
  • Crime rate – The government should do its best to keep the citizens safe. If the city has a low crime rate, more people will flock to live there because they feel safe and secured.
  • Public servants – If the city has a pool of public servants that respond quickly, the city is appealing.
  • Affordable public transport – If the city provides its people with an accessible and affordable public transport, many will surely consider it. The movement of people will be facilitated.
  • Infrastructure – If the place has top of the line infrastructure projects, it means development and growth. Infrastructures are symbolic. Many people will be confident to seek opportunity if they see infrastructurs.
  • Tax rates – If the place offers low tax rates to businessmen, it is definitely liveable. The low tax rates will encourage more business in the place. More business means more job generation.
  • Health – Of course, the health should never be neglected. When a place provides quality health care and standard hospitals, many people will surely go there and get treatments.

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