The Importance of Sports

According to the acting Minister for the Culture, Community and Youth, Lawrence Wong, the forthcoming SEA (South East Asia) Games and Singapore Sports Hub in 2015 can become a vehicle that can bring more support for sports here in Singapore.

The development of sports is crucial in the community. Many people see sports important. If you have a child and you want to provide him/her positive opportunities while growing, indulging them to sports activities will be a good start. What is the importance of sports? Here are some ideas:


Good Sportsmanship

Good sportsmanship is not only applicable in the court or field because it can also be applied in real life. When you talk about sportsmanship, it means respect for others, graciousness in losing and playing fair. If your child learns this at an early stage, he/she will surely survive anything.

Build Confidence

Sports can build the confidence オンライン カジノ ゲーム of your child. If your child has lesser coordination, sports can hone his/her skills. As time goes by, he/she will be more confident thereby improving his/her play. If your kid is having fun, he/she will be better.

Learning Experience

Whether your kid is watching TV or actually playing it, he/she will consider that every game is a learning experience. For example, by watching a game, your kid will learn about mathematical concepts (e.g. scoring). Sportsmanship is also learned.

However too much of something is bad enough. There are some parents having problems with their children playing because it distracts them from their school performance or accomplishments. If you notice that sports are getting in the way of your child’s school performance, it is important that you guide him/her.

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