Themed Bbq Party

Do you want to spice up a typical backyard bbq party? Then give your bbq party a unique theme! People in Singapore are fond of throwing bbq cookout parties. With the perfect summer-like climate of Singapore all year round, bbq party is a great way to celebrate festivities anytime of the year. Have a uniquely themed cookout celebration whether you’re doing it on your own or you’re hiring a bbq catering company to set the place and do the cooking for you.


Adding a theme to an ordinary bbq party enhances the appeal and appearance of the entire Singapore event. Add some variations and turn your typical backyard celebration into a bbq cookout that your guests will never forget. Here are some of unique satay party theme ideas to help you get started.

Hawaiian Bbq

When you talk about Hawaii, sun, beach, surf, and waves immediately comes to mind. So why not bring pieces of it to your own backyard. Decorate your bbq area with tropical flowers, vintage surfboards, raffia, fake or real palm trees, sand and shells in jars as table centerpieces, and get summertime music playing in the background. Make sure to let everyone know the theme of the spring ocean barbecue Singapore party for the guests to dress accordingly. Include coconut drinks and fresh fruits in the food menu. These are definite menu items that can enhance the theme of a Hawaiian party. Some Hawaiian bbq foods that should also be included are:

  • bbqed kebabs
  • grilled fish
  • grilled ham steaks with pineapple slices
  • char siu pork (a famous Hawaiian meat)
  • macadamia nuts crusted grilled chicken with honey mustard dip

Serve each of these dishes with fresh vegetable salads on the side and ice cold drinks for refreshing and full meal.

Wild West Bbq

This bbq party theme is more of an indian and cowboy-like theme. If you opt for a Wild West bbq theme, then you must secure a number of costumes (e.g. cowboy, sheriff, bartender, barber, Indians, dancing bar girls), hay bales, straw, cactus plants, teepees, cowboy hats, and the “Wanted” posters (print out photos of guests to fill the poster). Wild West theme party in Singapore is greater when lots of scrumptious bbq foods are served, such as:

  • Fried foods, like chicken drumsticks and hash browns
  • Steaks and sausages
  • A pot of spicy hot, baked beans
  • A stew simmering on a bbq wok burner
  • A damper served with dip
  • Bake baby potatoes on the grill by wrapping them in aluminum foil
  • Hotdogs and hamburgers served with chili and lots of bbq sauce

Hollywood Bbq

When we think of Hollywood, fame, money, glamour, and paparazzi are just some of the things that we immediately associate with it. Let everyone wear formal cocktail dresses and decorate the place with twinkling lights, elegantly arranged tables, and lastly, don’t forget the red carpet. Also, put up a mini casino where your friends can play and win small awards. For the food, you can hire a bbq catering provider or get best bargains at bbq wholesale shops. Ask for bbq wholesale prices of different finger foods to accompany your Hollywood bbq party.

  • mini-sized gourmet pizzas
  • gourmet kebabs of chunky sliced veggies
  • skewed mini sausages
  • mini hotdogs and hotdog sandwiches
  • mini hamburgers with TLC (tomato, lettuce, and cheese)
  • Fish sliced into bite-size pieces served in a platter with wasabi mayonnaise dip

To finish off, serve a bottle of champagne and elegantly arranged pieces of chocolate coated strawberries in a platter on every table.


Poolside Bbq

A poolside bbq party has almost the same idea with normal Singapore bbq parties except the presence of splashing waters. But what will you do if you don’t have a pool? Have the party in a resort or you may also improvise.  Water slides, inflatable pools, hoses, sprinklers, and buckets of water can all serve as a substitute to a pool. Poolside parties are perfect for adults and kids, and can include numerous summer dishes that everybody will surely love.

  • fish burgers, chicken burgers, and hamburgers
  • bbqed  veggies and seafood kebabs
  • hotdog with marshmallows on stick for kids
  • deep fried prawns served with mango salsa
  • macadamia nuts crusted fish
  • fried banana splits
  • grilled pineapple, banana, and apple fritters topped with ice-cream

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