What You Need To Know About Nanyang Technological University

You have better chances of landing a good job if you are well-educated. If you want to get a good job, then you need to be highly-qualified. There are many career opportunities, but practically all of them require a degree. Fortunately, there are many good schools in Singapore – both private and those subsidized by the government.

This is to give chance to those that cannot afford a university education. This action will level the playing field for Singapore’s citizens in landing a good job. If in this case you are uncertain of what university to consider, you should look for the list of local universities and evaluate them. If you are still not sure, just consider Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Here are reasons why this school is a top choice:


Biggest Campus

NTU is the biggest campus in Singapore. The campus occupies 200 hectares of land.

World Ranking

NTU is presently ranked number 47 in the QS World University Rankings and the first in Asia to receive five stars in the QS stars evaluation. In another ranking Higher Education Asian University, conducted by Times magazine, NTU ranked 11th.


The funding of NTU’s researches grew in the past years. The big portion of the funds is allocated to the Earth Observatory and Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering. NTU has many clusters, institutes and centres with key university partners in Asia, Europe and America.

Schools and Colleges

NTU offers graduate and undergraduate degrees. Its colleges include Arts, Engineering, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences. There is also Nanyang Business School.

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