5 Effective Ways to Brighten Your Underarms

One of the many ladies who are looking for various ways to lighten their underarms? Then you’re in luck. Dark underarms are often caused by several things like skin condition, friction, hormones and even some deodorants, but by using the following tips, you’ll definitely be able to take some action to whiten your pits.


  1. Wash Your Pits Thoroughly. While this is considered a basic when it comes to caring for your underarms, it should still be mentioned. Make sure that you thoroughly wash your pits with water and soap, or whatever body care product you prefer to use. The point here is to not allow any oil or dirt to accumulate in your underarms, thus leaving you with cleaner and whiter pits.


  1. Skip the Deodorant. You might hate this way to brighten up your pits, but many people have already sworn off deodorants and antiperspirants. Excessively using antiperspirants or deodorants – or using the wrong type – is what often オンライン カジノ causes dark underarms. When this happens, try switching deodorant brands or using it every once in a while to see if there’s any difference.


  1. Ditch Tight Clothes. Apart from deodorants, wearing tight clothes can also lead to dark armpits. Tight clothing chafes the skin causing it to darken, so opt for loose clothes made from breathable fabrics instead. Wearing such pieces will keep your underarms from being trapped in moisture and sweat, as well as in getting irritated.


  1. Stop Shaving. Been shaving your underarms? Then we suggest that you stop doing so as shaving and using cream hair removers can irritate the skin and expose sub-surface hair, which could look like a darkened skin. Instead, try other hair removal methods like laser hair removal, tweezing or waxing to remove the unwanted hair on your pits.


  1. Use Apple Cider Vinegar. Other than giving some kick to your salad, apple cider vinegar is one of the easy home remedies that you can use to whiten your underarms. All you’ve got to do is apply it on your underarms after showering and let it dry without rinsing. Keep doing this treatment for several weeks to see lighter underarm skin.

Dark armpits can be really embarrassing but it’s something that you can actually change. With the help of these armpit brightening tips, you no longer need to live with dark underarms and shy away from sleeveless tops.


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