Best Beaches in Southeast Asia

Singaporeans love to travel and you can expect even more travels during summer vacations. When it comes to summer getaways, beach remains to be the top choice for summer destinations. Who doesn’t want to dip in cool water under the scorching heat especially if the water is as clear as it gets. Another reason why going to the beach is such a hit is because of their breathtaking natural beauty that no pool resorts or any man-made structure can ever beat. There are also a lot of water sports activities you can try such as parasailing, paragliding, jet skiing, helmet diving, and many more.


These are the best beaches in Southeast Asia every Singaporean would want to go to:

Boracay, Philippines

You won’t be disappointed by the pristine white sand of Boracay. There’s a reason why this is a popular destination among locals and foreigners alike and that’s because it’s everything you’d imagine a white sand beach would be. It’s possible to enjoy your beach outing on a budget especially when you’re travelling with a group of friends or an exclusive beach experience if that’s what you prefer. The place is also packed with all sorts of activities so you can expect a lot from Boracay.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is made even more famous by Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie The Beach. It is easy to arrange an island hopping tour where you should skirt through the many islands around Phuket and pick your spot for swimming. The beaches are also lined with white sand and beautiful rock formations.

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Lombok, Indonesia

You can enjoy a lot of activities in Lombok such as surfing, diving, sunset watching, or simply just relaxing on the pristine beaches. These all make up a perfect ingredient for a dream beach destination. This is also an unspoilt and quieter Bali beach which only makes it even more ideal. You can just while away your hours with your partner as you enjoy an undisturbed quiet time on the soft white sand waiting for the island’s spectacular sunset.

Langkawi, Malaysia

This is Malaysia’s top beach destination and may well be one of the top beach destinations in the region. You can explore ancient limestone caves that surround the cluster island of Langkawi and go on spelunking trip. You can also go on white water rafting trip along the rippling waterways or join a boat tour on the mangrove forests.


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