The Electrifying Reality of Electricity

One of the deadliest necessities of technology is electricity. It does a tremendous amount of work for it is such a powerful force. A force that is so strong that one must always be mindful of its capacity to injure or worse, kill. Humans are very susceptible to third party flows of energy and in the event of carelessness, a faulty machine or lack of knowledge – one”s life might be in pure danger.


All forms of energy, when used without the right conditions could result in serious danger to those who uses it. The risks can be divided into two categories: direct and indirect. Direct is the damage that the power itself can do to オンライン ブラックジャック the human body while indirect include the damages that can result to the human body as a result of something caused by an electric shock.

Here are some electrical measurement (in amps, volts or watts) that would result to the following hazards caused by extreme exposure electricity:

1. Psychological – From an electrical current entering the hand has a threshold of perception of about 5 to 10 mA (milliampere) for DC and about 1 to 10 mA for AC at 60Hz.


2. Burns – A high voltage of 500 to 1000 V shock tend to cause internal burns due to high amount of energy available from the source. In some cases, an electrical current of 16 V is enough to kill a human being if it passes through such organs as the heart.

3. Neurological effects – Electricity can also cause interference with on the nervous system, especially on the part that controls the heart and the lungs. A severe or repeated shock on the particular part of the brain is unlikely to cause death but it has been shown to cause neuropathy.