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Why Do Women Fall for Bad Boys?


Women fall for different guys. There are many who fall for nice guys while there are others who fall for bad ones. Regardless of what we choose, we can only hope that they won’t break our hearts. For those who particularly fall for bad boys, what makes them so irresistible? That is the biggest mystery.


This article will seek to help you decipher why you fall for bad guys. You should know that falling for bad guys have a scientific explanation even if a few.

Study from the Evolution & Human Behaviour Journal

There was a study conducted by the Evolution & Human Behaviour Journal in 2015 about pathological people. Pathological involves physical or mental disease. It can also mean obsessive and compulsive. The study showed that pathological people have many lifetime partners. People who are obsessive-compulsive, neurotic and impulsive tend to get more women and get into more relationships. Furthermore, the study revealed that men who are obsessive-compulsive are more successful especially with the ladies. The reason why they are attractive to women is because of their high income levels.

Study from the University of Texas


In a study spearheaded by Kristina Durante, a scientist at the University of Texas, she linked the reactions of women towards men vis-à-vis fertility periods. The research revealed that women who are ovulating wanted bad but sexy boys. In simple words, women near ovulation prefer sexy bad guys than dependable males. Women think that they will be better partners and fathers. This tells that women are clouded by a man’s sex appeal.

Study from the University of Durham

Women are drawn to dark and mysterious men because they think they are better looking than nice ones. To dismiss this variable, Gregory Louis Carter of the University of Durham looked into the preferences of one hundred twenty weight women through questionnaires posted online. He revealed that women find the “Dark Triad” personalities more attractive regardless of the look. The “Dark Triad” refers to narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism (the feeling to manipulate and deceive). Women tend to be enthralled by dark traits because it is unusual.

These are some of the studies that hopefully shed light to why women are attracted to James-Dean-bad-boy-look. At the end of the day, no one can really explain why women fall for such types except women. Regardless of the personality of the man, women only want to be treasured. It kind of make things romantic if bad boys fall in love. If you are into this type, pray that you will find one here in Singapore.