Singapore Joins FIBA Asia Cup in Wuhan

FIBA Asia Cup will be 1-week tournament wherein basketball players from all over Asia join. However, the only team that can play are the teams that show great statistics during the major leagues and minor tournaments that happen all over Asia. Furthermore, only countries that have sufficient money to join the league can join because the tournament is not just a paper-stone game; it’s a battle of talents and strategies.


Singapore’s Statistics

The Singapore National Basketball Squad joined the FIBA Asia Cup that is currently happening at Wuhan, China. During their first game, they suffer a great loss to Jordan. Yesterday, Philippines defeated Singapore. However, players can also オンライン カジノ play even if they are loss all the remaining games.


It is not like the typical tournament wherein a team cannot advanced or cannot play the next game if they have defeat. FIBA Asia Cup rules states that successive loss will not eliminate the team but it can affect its ranking. Therefore, it is still very important to win the games.

The National Team

Singapore ranks second best team in Southeast Asia. Also, Singapore is the third place finisher during the 2013 Southeast Asian Games. The players for the FIBA Asia Cup in China are Qing Huang Toh, Wei Long Wong, Hanbin Ng, Xingyuan Han, Desmond Oh, David Soo, Peter Soo, Shi Yang Ng, Sheng Yu Lim, Russel Low, Delvin Goh and John Ng. The National squad comprises of teens who are mostly born on the 90s while some of the players are born on late 80s particularly 1988 and 1989.