Commemorative SG50 Coins  


As we are nearing our fifty years of independence, more and more commemorative things are coming. Singapore’s fifty years of independence is a milestone only this year LKY will not join us. Though he is not here, his legacy will never be forgotten. He made Singapore into what it is today.


Speaking of commemorative things, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) will reveal commemorative SG50 coins to celebrate our golden jubilee. Here are some details about the commemorative coins:

  • Who spearheaded the revelation: The Minister of Education (also the chairman of SG50 steering committee), Heng Swee Keat showed the three SG50 coins on April 4, 2015.
  • Who were the audiences: The Minister initially showed the coins to more casino than eleven thousand educators and guests gathered in an event.


  • The values of SG50 coins: As mentioned earlier, there will be there SG50 commemorative coins. The series include a $2 cupro-nickel coin, $5 silver coin and $50 gold coin. The back of these coins bear our Coat of Arms. Aside from these coins, MAS will also issue commemorative notes in the 2nd half of 2015.
  • Representation: Each coin represents something. The $2 cupro-nickel coin signifies basic education (primary and secondary levels). Basic education is important because it can equip our children with the character, values and skills which are enough to prepare them for their future. The $5 silver coin highlights higher education which will deliver students to several paths in achieving their dreams. The $50 gold coins focus on the educators who aim to produce the best in every child.


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