Discussing the Haze Problem

There are guidelines when you deal with other countries to avoid conflict and tension. In the case of the worsening haze problems in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, issues should be discussed thoroughly without compromising the friendly relations. The President of Indonesia took the first step by apologizing to Singapore for causing the haze mishap. Singapore is hoping that Indonesia will now reconsider the signing and ratification of the agreement, which tackles about the Transboundry Haze pollution. If you remember, Indonesia didn’t sign the agreement.


It is said that the government of Indonesia is doing its オンライン カジノ best to mitigate and resolve the problem. When you deal with other countries, you should know what to do to prevent any tension. You should practice diplomacy. Diplomacy is the management of relationships and communication between nations. Diplomacy is also considered a code of conduct between nations and its leaders. If you are a diplomat, you should be skilful in handling or dealing things to avoid any hostility. You should:

Know the story

Knowing the two sides of the story and its history is crucial so you will know what to do and how to react on it. Do not just comment without thinking about it. Remember that whatever you say or do can implicate your country and it can cause conflicts.

Discuss the solution with your panel

If there is something that you need to decide over, make sure to relay it to your panel or to the proper entity.

Make sure that the decisions will favour all sides

It is very hard to find a solution that will favour all sides but it is possible.

Being a diplomat is not easy but it is the best way to deal with issues and problems. Talks are best than tanks and guns.

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