How to Protect Yourself from the Negativity  


You are happy going to work because you had a good sleep but when you reach home, there is this one person capable to destroy everything good you’ve built. These people who are always on the negative side of everything are serious kill joys.


They can suck your energy, confidence and all your brilliant ideas – only if you let them. The trick here is never let them in. You have to protect yourself from these people. Here are some tips on protecting yourself from negativity:

  • Decide whose advice you will take: It is crucial to make a mental list of people with negativity energy and make an effort not to listen to their advices.
  • Know your values: No people can influence or persuade your state of mind if you know your values and what holds true for you. If you know important things and why it really matters, do not let negative people affect you.


  • Build a barrier: This will involve self-reflection. If you build a barrier through increasing your energy, you will never let other people pop that barrier.
  • Separate your energy from theirs: Sometimes you are forced to listen to negative sentiments but when it is through, you have to separate your energy from theirs. Remember that if you are plugged in, it will be hard to resist thereby leading to state of irritation, resistance, anger and frustration.

It is not easy to disengage or shun negativity but it doesn’t have to remain for long. Thinking of the negative things is natural but it should never be your state of mind and it should never influence other people.


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