What to Do in Chinatown

Visiting Chinatown is a must thing to do in Singapore. If you have time, look around Chinatown and you will be happy. The sight will surely delight you especially if you bring your family or loved ones. Chinatown is a big place to explore for only a day. You have to visit it for many days. You can consider this as your guide to cover all major parts of Chinatown:


Chinatown Heritage Center – If you want to know the early story of Chinese immigrants, you better go to Chinatown Heritage Center. Finding this center is not that hard.

Chinatown Street Market – The Chinatown Street Market offers a lot of things for you. There are numerous stores that offer different merchandise- shoes, shorts, bags, wallets, pants, teas, souvenirs and many more. You can buy things cheaper here.

Religious Landmarks – If you explore deeper, you will see that there are many religious landmarks present in Chinatown. There are Hindu and Buddhist temples and mosques. You will オンライン カジノ find Sri Mariamman Temple, Jamae Mosque and tooth of Buddha.

Dining Options – Exploring Chinatown will make you hungry. The good thing is you can go to Chinatown Food Street and eat whatever you want and see. You will see lots of foods. Just look for Smith Street and you will surely enjoy the food. There are bakeries and restaurants nearby if you want.

Staying at a Hotel – If you are very tired, you can always check in to hotels nearby. There are many hotels with different ambiance or theme that will fit you. For instance you can go to The Scarlet, The Club, Hotel 1929 and New Majestic Hotel. If you want to spend less, there are cheap inns and hostels if you look for it.

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