Why You Should Be Using Mineral Make-Up?


When shopping for make-up we’re usually faced with the choice of traditional make-up against mineral cosmetics. However, modern times have made women (and some men) smarter when it comes to choosing products best for their skin. Going natural is always the best option, and mineral cosmetics are rapidly growing in popularity for its numerous benefits. Discover five of the many reasons why make-up enthusiasts are into this beauty trend.

  1. Ease of Application

The special formulation of mineral cosmetics allow for easier application. Mineral powder foundations, for example, are made of finely-milled ingredients that let you blend the product well into the skin. Lightly dip the brush and evenly sweep it on your face, and your powder foundation is perfectly distributed without too much effort.

  1. Breathable Property

Coming in thick and cream or liquid form, traditional make-up products need more work to blend seamlessly to the skin. They have the tendency to settle into your pores and fine lines, and eventually look cakey especially on a hot weather. Mineral cosmetics, on the other hand, are lightweight. They don’t clog your pores and remains on the surface of the skin. So if you have any existing skin condition like acne, you won’t have to worry that it’ll get aggravated.

  1. Hygienic Property

Surprisingly, mineral cosmetics can withstand build-up of bacteria, the reason why most mineral products are in powder form. It lacks moisture, which is a good breeding environment for these microorganisms. Hence, these make-up products acquire longer shelf life of up to three years, compared to traditional cosmetics, which should be disposed after a year.

  1. Gentle on the Skin

People with sensitive skin will benefit the most from mineral products as this type of make-up are gentle and soothing to the skin because they don’t contain common skin irritants like dyes, synthetic fragrance, parabens and other ingredients that can exacerbate skin problems.

  1. It’s a Green Product

Whether it’s food or personal necessities, organic variety definitely benefits both our health and our planet’s, and one way to go eco-friendly and reduce carbon footprint is to switch to mineral cosmetics. Two of its major components are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are all natural and skin-friendly ingredients.

Just the future of the planet is enough reason to switch to mineral make-up. The best part, aside from taking part in saving Mother Earth, you get a makeover that’s not just fabulous but also good for your skin.

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