Culture and Tradition

Experience the Malay Culture

When it talks about the Malay culture, Kampong Glam is the place to go. This famous place is the center for Malay cultural accessories as well as clothing. The name of the place was derived from Gelam tree (a tree that is common in the area). During the past, the land in the place was legitimately owed by Malays and with the help of small community of Arab entrepreneurs, the shopping center successfully grow.


In 1989, it has been protected by the Urban Development Authority (UDA) and has become a maintained and conserved area. This is also the reason why most of the relics as well as the foundation of the house was not destroyed because it has been preserved for a long period オンライン カジノ of time.

Going Kampong Glam is very easy. In fact, you can just take a ride in the MRT and have an easy stop at the Bugis MRT Station. Once you have stepped your foot in the place, different shopping centers will welcome you such as Bugis Street market, Bugis Junction and as usual, Kampong Glam.


Kampong Glam is the place for those who want to have fun with their ethnicity and festivities. But for religious individuals particularly Muslims, the place is a great spot for fasting. By visiting Kampong Glam feel the hospitality of Malay individuals. To add, you can learn the tradition and culture of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Clearly, Kampong Glam is one shopping place that should not be missing by many people.