Food and Diet

Controlling Your Hunger

Not all of us have a very healthy and consistent lifestyle. Many of us don’t follow healthy habits like eating well, exercising every day, keeping ourselves hydrated and many more. Nonetheless, even if we try it harder, we still cannot do it because there are so many foodstuffs that makes us crave. Moreover, when we see leftover inside the refrigerator, we eat it right away instead of waiting for the next proper meal. Hence, causes a great amount of consumption.


Healthy Alternatives

Actually, when you eat apple you can control your hunger. Just like what every doctor is saying, you must eat apple instead of eating something in the morning. You can also eat oatmeal paired with coffee. However, it doesn’t do good in our body. Thus, we need to get rid of it. Sometimes, oatmeal s good for the health especially when you are in a strict diet.

Professional Help


All of the food that a physician or a food specialist recommend are good. However, some of them are unhealthy if you consume too much of them. For example, egg. Now, we all know that egg has a great contribution when we talk about health. But it is prohibited by the doctors to eat it thrice a day.

Eat in Moderation

For example, the proper consumption of egg should only be 2-3 times per week. If you exceed the amount of egg intake, your health would be in danger. Moreover, egg can be the cause of irritation especially when you are allergic to it. If you are just ignoring the healthy foods and is saying that your body can tolerate the food you eat, now it’s time to make a change and have a healthy lifestyle.