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Flowers for All the Women in Thy Life


Flowers are one of the weaknesses of women. Its bloom yields beauty – enough that it can turn a bad day into a good day. Yes, giving a bouquet seems easy but truth is, there are a lot of things that you should consider when you give one away. When you want to convey something to a woman, you have to consider what kind of flower and the type of arrangement to give.

The giving of flowers is surely a gesture women will appreciate after all it is the perfect embodiment of grace and beauty. The good news is that there is a universal selection of flowers for the different women in your life available here in Singapore. Here are the universal selection of flowers:


When it is for your significant other, you have to remember R for R. This means roses for romance. Roses are the safest flower to give especially if you are still dating your significant other. It can also be given to your partner to rekindle the passion throughout the marriage. Roses are famous during Valentine’s Day.

This makes perfect sense since roses is a symbolism for passion and undying love. You have seen it on movies and other literary works.


Your sister also deserves flowers from you. If you are planning to give her flowers, you have to consider daffodils. Daffodils are optimistic because it is bright. The blossoms are equal to inspiration and energy – much like what you felt while growing up with your younger female sibling. If you are thinking of your older female sibling, daffodils convey admiration and warmth.


Gardenias are not a famous choice but its classic beauty gives meaning to love that stood the test of time. The gardenias are sweet and fragrant. It symbolizes purity and it can be seen during weddings. This is good for your cousin or your aunt.



Magnolias are for the empowered women. Why? Its blossoms are large and they fill the air with their distinct citrus scent. This is the perfect flowers for the women who motivated you – your mother, friend or teacher.


Do not forget about your daughter. Daisies are the perfect flower for your daughter because it symbolizes playfulness and innocence. The bright yellow center looks like the sun – the same way your daughter brings sunshine.

Now that you know the types of flowers to give to all the women in your life, the next thing that you should do is choose a good arrangement. You will surely bring sweet smiles on their face.