Being Productive While Working from Your Home

Mothers here in Singapore long to be with their kids all the time but it is not physically possible since mothers need to go to work every day and their living. However, there are mothers who balance their work and family life. These mothers work from home.


If you work from home here in Singapore, you need tips to stay productive. Working from home can be both a benefit and a distraction. You do not want it to be a distraction, right? Here are some tips to be productive while working from home:

  • Stay connected: If you work from home, you do not need to personally meet your colleagues but it is essential that you stay connected. You need to your email, instant messaging and video calls to get connected.
  • Minimize distractions: You have to minimize distractions if you want to accomplish things easily and smoothly. If you cannot eliminate distractions, at least make a conscious effort to minimize it.


  • Prepare a conducive environment: If you see a conducive environment, you will surely get to work easily. For example, you just do not work in your mattress so you need to identify your spot in your house. You also need to get supplies like pen, ink, paper and the like.
  • Take break: You need to take breaks in between so you will not feel exhausted by the time your kids get home. 10-20 minutes break will do.
  • Eat healthy: There is no reason that you do not eat healthy because your kitchen is within your reach.

eat well work at home