Wedding Forum Proper Etiquette

Wedding forums are where soon-to-be brides and grooms share some of their wedding ideas. This is extremely helpful and useful since there are hundreds and millions of ideas that can help you with your questions and issues. However, you should always keep in mind that your posts are read by different people of different culture and attitudes. It is important that you always keep your posts pleasing so as not to hurt or affect anyone’s feelings. So, if you’re planning to sign up and be a member of a Singapore wedding online forum, read first these basic forum etiquette for a smooth relationship with other forum members.


1. Discuss ONLY what’s in the topic
Forums, including wedding forums, are made to be meeting grounds for people who have same concerns. Usually, these concerns are very important which needs immediate solutions. And joking around, posting off topic answers will surely upset or annoy everyone in the group.

2. Include all necessary information when posting or answering posts
Whether you are answering or asking a question, make your thought complete by including all the necessary details on your posts. It’s very upsetting to someone in SIngapore who badly needs advice if the solution you posted isn’t complete. Answer the questions what, when, where, why and how in posting your ideas. Make this your guide to be sure you’ve posted all the necessary details.

3. Be nice
It is a fact that online wedding forums can easily attract people whose primary motive is to upset or annoy people as much as they can. Control your temper and don’t buy the arguments evoked by these people. No matter how rude the comments thrown at you, still be civil and nice to everyone or if you can manage to ignore them, オンライン カジノ much better. Do not involve yourself to any arguments in the forum.


4. Do not “quote” previous posts
Quoting is not really necessary unless you would like to make or clarify a point. You can just mention the name of the one you are referring to instead of quoting what he/she said. Quotations only make the post unnecessarily long and cluttered.

5. Do not post spams
Participating in online forums, especially wedding forums like perfect wedding forum in SIngapore, is about sharing your expertise and gaining recognition from people. It’s not about excessive advertising of products. You may advertise but make it subtle and only if needed. Let’s say you’re a wedding planner in Singapore, you can answer wedding planning questions while subtly introducing your services to people. Second option is, you can put your advertisement on your default signature so it will be seen automatically by the members without you bluntly advertising it. This way, you won’t offend any member while getting the advertisement you needed.

• Use emoticons to convey your tone. Some people might misunderstand you since all they can see are the texts and not your expression.
• Avoid using ALL CAPS. This is viewed as if you are screaming which appears to be rude.
• Always remember to stick with the topic and avoid controversial topics like religion and politics.