Features to Look for in the Best High Visibility Rain Gear

High visibility rain gear is essential for working and riding in Singapore under wet seasons where mist, rain showers, and heavy downpours may contribute to a low visibility condition. Most high visibility apparels come with different features that make choosing the best high visibility rain gear a little tricky. When manufacturers come up with a lot of new technologies and fancy designs, just how do you determine which among them is the right one for you? Below is a list of some of the features to look for in order to find the best high visibility rain gear:

BTwin 500 High Visibility Waterproof Cycling Jacket

High quality fabric

The best high visibility rain gear is made of high quality fabric. You’ll know that it is made of only the best material for fabric because the rain gear feels comfortable, breathable, and looks durable. The lightest and most breathable fabric is the one with waterproof treatment.

Waterproof design

Pay careful attention to how manufacturers describe their high visibility rain gear. Most people make the mistake of thinking that waterproof and water-repellant or water-resistant rain gears are just one and the same. To make the distinction, a waterproof rain gear has fully taped seams and waterproof fabric while water-repellant or water-resistant rain gears use hydrophobic fabric treatment and cannot shield you from heavy downpours.

Mesh lining

A mesh lining is something you’ll want to have on your high visibility rain gear as it adds overall comfort. This provides a comfortable feeling on the bare skin and can seep away the dampness underneath the apparel. This is highly appreciated especially when you sweat a lot and use this rain gear under warm temperatures.


Dropped tails and adjustability

A detachable dropped tail is something that motorcyclists would want to look for as this feature covers the wearer’s lower back and behind while crouching low on the bike. You also need to look for an ergonomic design that allows you more room to stretch on your arms while stretching on your bike and efficiently cover gaps between your collar and cuffs.


Make sure that your high visibility rain gear is made of highly breathable design and allow for good ventilation. Most rain gears without this feature is very uncomfortable to wear. A good ventilation design on your high visibility rain gear means it has a full length zip and zips on sleeves and armpits. These zips allow for good amount of air circulation.


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