HDB Guidelines


You finally found the right HDB (Housing Development Board) flat. Good for you. You must be excited of this new milestone but you are thinking about your neighbours. Your neighbours may be strangers and sometimes it is scary but the secret here is to be resilient. You should do your best to live harmoniously with your neighbours so at the end of the day everything is peaceful and trouble free. To live harmoniously with the neighbours mean:

  • Pets: Before bringing your pet in your flat, make sure that your HDB approves of it. If pets are okay, you have to make sure that your pets do not bother your neighbours.
  • Displays: If you are fond of plants and flowers, never put your pots in balconies and corridors. It might fall or harm others.
  • Vandalism: Vandalism is an offence not only in HDB flats オンライン カジノ but around Singapore. Vandalism, regardless of its aesthetic beauty (like graffiti) is highly discouraged.
  • Garbage: All flats have chute. It is your duty to throw your garbage here. You have to bag it first before throwing it. Remember that flammables never go down the chute.
  • Noise: Whatever you do, you should keep the noise down. Noise can come from your radio, television, air conditioning or party. There are neighbours that are tolerant but know that there will come a time that they will complain.
  • Laundry: Before you hang your laundry outside, make sure that there is no dripping water. This is important so people walking will not be inconvenienced.

The things mentioned above are easy to follow. Failure to comply will land you problems. While you are new, you should establish good neighbour relationship.



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