How to be a Good Friend on Social Media


Instant connection with friends from all over the world is made possible by advancements in technology, particularly social media. One quick search can lead you to, say, a childhood friend from you haven’t seen in some twenty odd years but who until now you seem to have a strong connection with.


Being updated with the activities of those on your friends’ list no matter where they may be is one of the many pros of social media. What others overlook though is that social media is also a powerful tool to maintain your friendship with the important people in your life – both virtually and in reality.

  1. Ask and follow-through

If you ever feel like asking a friend on how she’s doing, do not hesitate to do it. She may be busy but you remembering her is a gesture which will make her feel happy. Your message will be a welcome distraction. When she replies, be sure to keep the conversation going. This will strengthen your connection and, with just a matter of minutes, you will feel like it was just yesterday that you enjoyed your last conversation.

  1. Find time to reply

If one of your friends make the initiative to ask about what’s happening in your life, find time to send a reply. If you went as far as reading her message, squeeze in some little time to reply too. A response, albeit short, will be very much appreciated. A longer message can be sent once you already have the luxury of time.

  1. Celebrate their accomplishments

Social media has been an avenue for announcements of the most important occasions – engagement, wedding, birth of a baby and so much more. Make effort to greet your friend a congratulations or do send her a private message. Your friend will remember how you happy you were for her during her wonderful moment.


  1. Be sensitive

Controversial topics are also being discussed in the social media nowadays. While everyone is entitled to their opinions, be responsible in sharing your thoughts for the world to see. Before letting your friends and essentially the whole internet community know your strong feelings towards a certain topic, think twice if you will not hurt the feelings of your friends. Put yourself in the shoes of others – not everyone thinks like you. Losing a friendship over some topic is definitely not worth it!

  1. Meet up

If you have friends who are living near you, schedule for a meet-up. Having real conversations with friends is a better way to reconnect. A face-to-face chat is more relaxing and more comfortable for you and your friends. A regular meet-up during your free time will indeed strengthen your friendship – with or without the computer!

Friendship knows no boundaries especially now that keeping in touch with your friends is made possible no matter when and where. When you follow these advices on how to be a good friend in the social media, you will be able to form a lasting friendship among your friends. While social media keeps us connected, at the end of the day, your attitude towards the important people in our lives is what truly matters.


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