Introducing Singapore for First-Time Visitors

Singapore is a very interesting combination of Asian and Western culture. First stop for tourists is the Chinese culture. In this small island, you can find several Chinese restaurants; Hindu and Malay worship places. Also, shopping malls are always present. For the Western culture, there are many artworks displayed at the National Museum and most of them are made British people.


Singapore is a country that you can confidently boast because the country is clean and safe to live. Expect a very expensive cost of living if you decide to live in Singapore. Whether you want to work or just schooling, it will be the biggest expense you make in your life. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to avoid Singapore since the city in full of amusing and entertaining activities to do here.

Are you afraid that you will not be understood by Singaporeans? This time, it’s not because almost all citizens in the city can fluently speak the universal language (English). However, most of them use the Singlish language – a common brand of language wherein Mandarin and English is combined.


To add, Singapore has a population of nearly 5 million based on the National Statistics of Singapore. However, not all people who are living in the country are Singaporeans. Most of them are Chinese. In fact, Chinese people cover a large number of inhabitants in the country reaching 75%.

Clearly, Singapore is one of the finest countries to have a high cost of living and abundant natural sceneries like the Sentosa Island and many more.

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