Long Hairstyle versus Short Hairstyle

Whenever you plan to go to a hair salon in Singapore, you probably ask yourself this question as you decide on your next hairstyle: what are the respective advantages and disadvantages of long and short hair when it comes to styling?

Well, here they are.

Advantages of Long Hair

1. Versatility. Hairstylists love working on long hair. There are so many things you can do with your hair, whether you want to have it layered at the hair salon or tie it and create different hairdos. What’s more, long hair gives you a lot more styling options that doesn’t use heat, which can be damaging to the hair.

2. Style and accessories. Long hair doesn’t pouf up easily when you curl it and it can be styled in almost any shape you want. There are also a lot of accessories you can use on your hair because there are more areas to hold items such as pins, clips, headbands, hair ties, tiaras and flowers, etc.

3. No frequent trimming. Your hairstylist at a hair salon in Singapore will recommend a trim every few months to keep split ends away if you style your hair a lot. But aside from the regular maintenance at the www.myhairdobar.com.sg in Singapore, your hair wouldn’t need to be trimmed often even as it grows very long.

4. Can be tied up. You can tie your long hair up easily during particularly hot or humid days so that it doesn’t stick to your neck and back.

5. Younger looks. Some people look younger with long hair, especially with the right hairstyle. If you’re thinking of getting a cut that will make you look younger, the best hair salon in Singapore will recommend styles based on the shape of your face.

6. Cover flaws. With the right haircut, long hair can cover up features that you don’t like about your face (if any), such as a tall forehead, pointed chin, square jaws or chubby cheeks. Your stylist at the hair salon can recommend styles that will highlight your best facial features while hiding less attractive ones.

Disadvantages of Long Hair

1. Takes time to wash. Because of the length, the hair takes a lot of time to wash and rinse. Not only that, you will need to use more shampoo and other hair products to cover it sufficiently. Long hair can be expensive to maintain, because more products mean you have to spend more money.

2. Takes time to style. While hairstylists love long hair, you will be spending more time (not to mentions money) at the hair salon just to get it cut, treated or styled. It’s even more difficult to do it yourself at home in front of a mirror. And you’ll be straining your arms too.

3. Gets tangled easily. It’s not easy to get tangles out, especially if you have very thick hair. You will spend more time detangling long wet hair than if you wear short hair.

4. Problems of water drag. Perhaps you have noticed that a lot of athletes and active people don’t wear long hair because it can be heavy. It becomes even heavier when you’re in the water, so if you love swimming and water sports, best not to keep your hair long.

5. Takes time to dry. It will take a long time for long hair to dry especially if it’s thick. You’ll be spending more time blow-drying and combing before you can finally style your hair.

Advantages of Short Hair

1. Easy to maintain. It’s easy and fast to style short hair because you don’t have a lot to work on. You don’t have to place accessories to fix it.

2. Cool during summer. Even if you can’t tie up your hair when it’s hot, you won’t feel heavy and hot during particularly hot days in Singapore.

3. Hair stays healthy. It’s easy to keep your hair healthy and damage-free when it’s short, because you will be able to use hair products more easily. Regular trims at the hair salon in Singapore will also keep the split ends away.

4. Time-efficient. It doesn’t take a lot of time to dry, comb and style short hair. You don’t even need to use styling chemicals to keep it looking great.

5. Costs less to style. You don’t need to use a lot of shampoo and other hair products to style short hair, and your hair salon will also be charging you less.

6. Makes you look young. Short hair makes some people look younger and cleaner because it highlights the eyes and their smile and doesn’t cover the cheeks and chin.

Disadvantages of Short Hair

1. Limited hairstyles. Short hair isn’t as versatile as long hair, especially if you’re going to attend events like parties, weddings, etc. It’s also very difficult to curl or straighten short hair even at the hands of expert hairstylists at the best hair salon in Singapore.

2. It isn’t for everyone. Not everyone looks good with short hair, so talk to your stylist about cuts that will still hide some of your facial flaws. Your hairstyle should be based on the shape of your face and the texture and type of hair. Kinky and curly hair might look too heavy at the top if not trimmed properly, while people with huge jaws and round cheeks will look bigger with a short haircut.

3. Frequent trims. If you want to maintain a short hairstyle, you will need to visit the hair salon frequently within the year. If you want to grow it longer, you will still need to have it styled especially if it’s a short layered haircut that can look awkward when you’re growing it out.

4. Noticeable flaws. It’s easier to hide flaws with long hair, but having short hair is a different story, especially if the style isn’t appropriate for your type of face. Your cheeks or chin will look bigger or longer if you wear a very short cut, for example.

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