Natural Supplements for Annoying Headaches


As much as you want to go about your daily life unscathed, there are times that you suffer headache. Enduring headache is counterproductive thereby you should do everything in your power to ease if not totally eradicate it. Headaches are caused by different reasons and almost all Singaporeans experienced it.

Speaking of easing it, there are many treatments that you can consider but the first thing that you have to consider is to determine the root cause. The good news is that you can seek for the help of doctors. Do not hesitate to come forward and speak up. Headache should not be something you get used to because it can destroy your career, relationships and your health.

Doctors will give you medications but if you want to consider natural remedies, choose natural supplements. Here are some natural remedies you have to consider:


Combine caffeine with ibuprofen or other pain relievers. Its effects will vary depending on the person. There are some who swear by this remedy. If you want to see it for yourself, you can try it. For some, if the effects wear off, another episode of headache will follow.

White willow bark

Now this is the natural aspirin. White willow bark has a compound called salicin that has the power to tame inflammation. This is the reason why it is good for low back pains and headaches. There are readily available capsules that you can consider. If you want to personally prepare it, you can make tea out of it just boil one to two teaspoons in eight ounces of water.


You can also consider boswellia. Boswellia is good for easing headaches. The good news is that it is also readily available in the market. You can take either capsule or tablet. Each contains more than nine hundred milligrams of boswellia.


Probiotics can lessen headache. Probiotics are found in your gut which makes you healthy. It can also help with the inflammation, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome. Probiotics can be found in yogurts and kimchi. There are also supplements.

Omega-3 fatty acids

There are bad fatty acids and then there is good. Omega-3 fatty acids can lower your inflammation that it can ease stiffness, joint pain, back pain, menstrual cramps and headaches. Experts are recommending canola oil, spinach, Brussels sprouts, egg and many more. If you choose to, you can also consider fish oil every day as a supplement.

With these remedies, better days are coming.

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