Strobing—The New Contouring

4 Easy Steps to Achieve Flawless, Glowing Skin


It’s time to surrender your bronzers! According to beauty experts, strobing is the new contouring of today’s beauty era.

The new technique to define facial features and create stunning glow, strobing is about using light—and only light!—to highlight the face. So if you want to go au naturel, ditch the complicated contouring and follow these four quick and simple steps for gorgeous, glowing skin.


  1. Put On Make-Up As You Normally Would

Strobing is a finishing procedure. One important tip, though: Wear velvet or matte finish foundation instead of its luminous counterpart. The contrast between the flatness of matte foundation and the shimmer of the highlighter heightens the effect of this technique. Keep the eyes and lips matte as well, so it won’t steal the spotlight from your glowy skin.

  1. Go for Creamy Highlighter

Some of the best creamy highlighters we recommend are Becca’s Champagne Pop and Benefit’s Watt’s Up. When choosing a highlighter colour, take your skin tone into consideration. For those with paler skin tone, you’d look great in sheer, champagne hues; while women of colours look breath-taking in rose gold and richer gold highlights. Regardless, avoid silvery highlights, which can make you look frosty and オンライン カジノ unnatural.


  1. Apply on Areas Where Light Hits the face

Stipple the product on the face with the use of synthetic foundation brush. Start on the brow bone, above the brow arches, then work your way out and down the temples of the face and on the cheekbones, following a “C’ shape. Dab a very small amount of the highlighter on the bridge of the nose and finish with a dot of product on your cupid’s bow (the center of your top lip). Make sure to blend the product thoroughly for a seamless look.

  1. Set It With Powder Formula

To set the creamy product in place—and intensify the highlight even more—top your highlighter with a powder formula. Try Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powder or Too Faced’s Absolutely Invisible Candlelight. Dip your fan brush into the product, tap to remove excess powder, then lightly dust across the areas where you applied the cream product.

Making your skin look gorgeous is just four steps away. And apart from making you look glowy and luminescent in the right places, this technique is definitely a beauty solution you can turn to during those early morning rush.


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