Things You Can Do for Your Child’s Emotional Development


You work hard for the kids so you can give them the best future you could possibly ever hope for. But is that enough? You spend most of your time at work and you rarely talk with your child. You just make sure he/she is taken care of.  As a parent, you should put more effort. Sometimes you need to step back from the busy life and take a closer look at your child then you will realize what he/she really needs from you.

Children need your constant love and support. While you are busy stomping the streets of Singapore, they just want you to tuck them to bed and read stories. Actually, children need only one thing – to be a part of your everyday life by being there for them. In case you forgot, here are the things your child needs from you:

  1. Have one-on-one moments. Your kids understand that you have to work for a living but when you put it aside for few hours for them, they will see that they are also the priority and they will realize how you care for them. It is important that you spend quality one-on-one time with your kids especially during their formative years. Forget about work for few hours and play with your toddler or read them bed time stories.


  1. Turn off all distractions. It is easy to get hooked to a television if it is turned on or a mobile phone if it has internet. It doesn’t matter if you are physically present but your mind is wandering. Your kids will still not appreciate it. When you are with kids, the best thing that you should do is to limit the screen time. Step away from it and have an actual bonding with the kids.


  1. Show affection. It is not enough that you say “I love you” to them. You have to act it or show it. It is important that as parents, you show subtle signs of affection like kiss and hug because kids will emulate it in their later years.


  1. Listen to their ideas (or ramblings). Be a good confidante because if kids trust you with littlest things, they will tell you bigger things as they grow up. You have to listen to their ideas even ramblings because that is how it is. Do not just listen with your ear. Listen with your heart as well. Your kids will surely appreciate it.

Raising a kid is not easy that is why you have to be familiar of their needs.

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