Trendy Preggy: Pregnancy Body Types and How to Dress Them

With all the maternity wear options available now, staying stylish is now easy even with a baby bump. Don’t worry though if some of your body changes are stumping you – we’ve got you covered. The following casual-chic preggy look will surely take the hassle off getting dressed and keep you feeling gorgeous up until your third trimester of pregnancy.


  1. Big All Over. Whether you’re plus-size, tall or just feeling bigger than usual, don’t let dressing up become a daily battle. Opt for longer lines and soft fabrics to help you feel great while accentuating your lovely bump. Among the perfect choices is a soft knit dress and a hemline that hits just around your knee area. This will help in emphasizing your baby bump, while allowing you to move freely. Complete your look by throwing on a long sweater and wearing a pair of tonal slip-ons.


  1. Small All Over. Got a small-all-over figure? Then we suggest that you experiment with skinny jeans and graphic tees. Simply slip into a pair of skinnies or a slouchy boyfriend jeans, throw on a neutral-shaded sweater, add a felt topper, and your favourite kicks to achieve an all-around easy ensemble.


  1. Carrying Low. Want to show off your sweet belly that’s just above your hips? Then opt for clothing pieces that are soft on the waistline. Jumpsuits are a good and stylish option for your current オンライン カジノ body type. Not only is it slimming and versatile, its roomy and stretchy mid-section will also let your belly breathe. For colder months, simply add a long-sleeved shirt or a tight tank then a bucket bag and a pair of bright clogs to finish off your look.


  1. Carrying High. If your tummy is popping up and out, then cute maternity looks are for you. Separate your bust from your bump by wearing ties, high belts and colour-block separates. Be creative and do some quick alterations to clothing pieces that you already have in your closet. Got a high-waist skirt in your wardrobe? Pair it up with a tight tank set in a different (but complementary) colour. Throw on a stylish cardigan, a pair of espadrilles, your favourite statement necklace and you’re good to go.

Dressing up while you’re pregnant doesn’t need to feel like a daily burden for you. Just be choose the clothing pieces you’re comfortable wearing the most, be creative in styling it and you’re all good.


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