How to Boost Happiness: Positive Psychology Exercises  

Happiness is a choice and it entails a lot exercises and training. Thankfully there is positive psychology. Positive psychology refers to a school of thought that encourages us to choose which views and actions we can alter to become happier.


This deliberate focus stimulates us to nurture positive emotions and foster relationships. Here are some exercises that we can consider to boost our happiness through positive psychology:

  • Exercise # 1: The first exercise is to write down three funny things that we remember or we want to remember then laugh out loud. We will be surprised that this exercise can do miracles because we will find ourselves laughing at the end of the day.
  • Exercise # 2: Another exercise is journaling. Journaling is important in remembering snapshots of a specific moment in time. We have to journal things オンラインカジノ日本 that makes us happy so we can go back to it anytime.


  • Exercise # 3: We can also try writing our future diary. Many things can happen in Singapore and that means the future is bright. We have to close our eyes and try to picture our future. It may be here in Singapore or outside. It will depend on us.
  • Exercise # 4: To boost happiness, we should at least count kind gestures from our family, friends and other loved ones even strangers.
  • Exercise # 5: The next exercises is to practice gratitude. If we have time, we can visit the person we are most grateful for.
  • Exercise # 6: The last exercise that we have to consider is cultivating a positive outlook. This is the most challenging part but once we master this, things will come smoothly.


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