Meet Different Singaporeans on the MRT

Dover_mrt_singapore_z MRT is one of the most common transportation around the world. In fact, it is the third most famous transport in the world after cars and buses. While riding MRT is only a forced situation for some people, others see it as their usual duty. People who always ride MRT must meet these different and special people inside the train.

1.       Attention-Seeker

These people shows off what they’ve got. It’s like they are practicing for the audition for Singapore’s Got Talent. They dance; they sing loudly, they do pull-ups inside the train as if they are the only people inside the MRT and other crazy things that they imagine.

2.       Pusher

Even if the train is full and there is no way you’ll all fit, these people continue to push people as long as they can. If they can be a superhero, I bet they can be Incredible Hulk. One push is enough for people to make way.

3.       Sleeper

Clearly, they are the ones who sleep on the trip. Whether the dusk or dawn, they will online casino surely travel to their destination – to dreamland. Most of the time, these don’t mind even if they wake up leaning on the other passenger.

4.       The Einstein

Most of them are youths especially students. These are people who are studying trying to familiarize all the topics that they have discussed. Usually, these are student who are not listening and students who are Einstein-like.

Have you seen them?

Typically, there are many types of Singaporeans when you are in the train and most of them have this quote – “Mind your own business.”



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