5 Products You Should Never Apply on Your Skin

There’s something to be said about DIY skincare. But even with the internet as your main source of beauty tricks, tips and recipes, what you can do at home isn’t always what’s going to help your skin in the long run. While the following are widely praised on beauty blogs for their amazing use on the skin, they’re actually among the top products that causes skin issues. So avoid the risk of getting allergic reactions and pesky breakouts by scrapping the following ingredients off your beauty routine.

1. Baking Soda

Although baking soda is often endorsed as a good gentle exfoliant, the pH level of this household item is actually far too alkaline to be applied on the face. Using ingredients or products that contain a high amount of alkaline will only damage and disrupt the natural barrier of the skin, allowing bad bacteria to seep in. Applying baking soda on the face also causes significant moisture loss and compromises the skin’s ability to regulate itself.

2. Lemon Juice

Just as how sucking on a lemon destroys the enamel of your teeth, using pure lemon directly on your skin will irritate and upset its mantle. With a pH level of two, lemon is a highly acidic ingredient. Dermatologists even say that the oils found in citrus fruits are phototoxic, which means that even a short duration of sun exposure could aggravate the irritation and cause chemical burns.

3. Toothpaste

Another ‘quick-fix’ product that’s actually more harmful than beneficial, toothpaste is loaded with ingredients that can be irritating and drying to the skin. While it’ll help in drying out a pesky zit, it’ll also zap the healthy moisture on the surrounding areas and chemically burn your skin. Instead of toothpaste, apply benzoyl peroxide for an alternative pimple treatment.

4. Hot Water

While it may be enticing to bathe in a steaming hot shower, dermatologists claim that it’s not the ideal water temperature to cleanse your skin. Using hot water will only cause thermal burns and melt away your skin’s natural oils. Instead, use water that’s about 100 degrees Fahrenheit for bathing and cleansing your face.

5. Sugar

Just like with baking soda, using sugar as a DIY exfoliant can be disastrous for your skin. While it can work wonders in making your legs looks gorgeous and smooth, the texture of its grains are just too rough for the epidermis on your face. This is also true for most exfoliators and scrubs that are marketed for facial use – they’re too rough, and their sharp edges can create tiny tears that could prematurely age and damage the skin.

Although natural and DIY skincare remedies are beneficial and cost-effective, it’s also important to understand their effects in the long run. Consulting an expert before using a particular household ingredient on your skin will definitely save you the trouble of figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

Choosing the Right Water Ionizer to Buy

Deciding which water ionizer to buy can be a tough thing to do, especially when you’re surrounded with a plethora of choices. We know that it is a burden to pinpoint one, that’s why we’re here to give you tips on what to look for when shopping for an alkaline water ionizer.


When picking an ionizer, the number one priority to keep in mind, along with the six more below, is whether the ionizer can produce the same quality of ionized water for a long period of time. Why? It’s because your long-term goal is to improve you and your family’s health. To help you with this major health investment, here’s a checklist of the criteria you need to look for in every product you come across with.

 Credibility of the Provider
Among the top qualifications to consider is the credibility of the provider that produces the ionizing water filter. If you have already accepted that there are major health reasons for alkaline water in Singapore, look up in Google for reviews and background check the Singapore provider you’re eyeing. Has the company made quality products from the time it started in the industry? If so, is it consistent? Does the company create their own products or they simply outsource them and stamp their name on each of their products? Generally speaking, companies that make their own products produce better quality ionizing machines than those that do not.

 Quality of the Product
The physical look may not affect the filtered water; but since the machine will be displayed for years in your home, the look and feel should still be considered when buying one. More importantly, apart from the look, it is what’s under the hood that greatly matters. If you have a bigger family and plans to fill 10 gallons of water a day, make sure your ionizer can support the load. Some alkaline water ionizer out there easily overheats because the electrolysis chamber and the transformer are undersized. If it’s just a few gallons, a machine with smaller surface area may suffice.

 Transformer and Electrolysis Chamber
As mentioned, the transformer and electrolysis chamber are the major parts of an ionizing water filter. So, it’s crucial to know how the transformer and chamber should look like when buying an ionizer. A good rule of thumb is that these two parts should be large enough to handle 10 gallons of water a day. Also, the surface area of the platinum plates should be taken into account. The larger the plates and the transformer, the more potent alkaline ionized water is produced at a time. A surface area of 200 square inches is a good place to start.


 The Filter
Ideally, filters should last around 2,500 gallons of use. However, some companies design their filters to only last about a thousand of gallons, maybe because they want to make money out of selling filters to their clients every six months or so. Secondly, make sure that your water filter is designed to sift majority of the junk found in tap water, such as rust, chlorine, arsenic, mercury, and fluoride if possible.

 Solid Plate and Mesh Plate
Mesh plating is essentially a machine stamp of solid platinum, thus creating a larger surface. However, the stamping creates holes where minerals can build up if left unattended. Moreover, the titanium is exposed because of the stamping process unless the plates are dipped in platinum. On the other hand, solid plates are thicker and more rigid compared to mesh plates, and there’s no stamping applied. Unlike the mesh plating, titanium isn’t exposed meaning that every drop of water that passes over the plate is used for production.

 Ability to Produce Strong Alkaline and Acid Water
Perhaps, the best benefit of having your own water ionizing machine is being able to produce strong alkaline and acid waters. When shopping for an ionizing machine, keep in mind that not all can make strong water. If a Singapore company claim that their product does, then ask about the maximum pH levels for acidic and alkaline waters. For acid water, the strongest should be anywhere between 3.0 and 2.5 for elimination of viruses and bacteria; while for alkaline, the strongest should be between 11.0 and 11.5 for effective removal of insecticides and pesticide on fruits and vegetables.

In conclusion, always remember that the very reason why you’re purchasing an ionizer is because of its many health benefits. Paying a few more dollars for an alkaline water ionizer that serves its purpose well is a far better decision than settling for the cheapest one.


Mistakes Travellers Often Make

Going outside of your comfort zone demands a lot of things. If you plan to travel outside of Singapore, you should be wise enough to only bring the things that you need. Do not overload your baggage because it will be inconvenient. You may travel a thousand times but you are not close to perfecting it.


Let this article be your guide in traveling light and easy. Here are some mistakes that travellers make:

  • Packing many shoes: You do not need to bring all types of shoes when you travel. You only need at least two sets. One fancy and the other casual.
  • Change currencies at home: There are people who prefer to change currencies in the foreign country. If you do not want to deal with long lines, you have online casino to change currencies while you are at your airport.
  • Pack appropriate clothes: If you plan to trek, do not bring skirts. If you plan to walk on foot, pack light clothing. It is important that you pack appropriate clothing. If you want to purchase clothing in the foreign country, you can do so.


  • Using cards without informing bank: Before you use your card in a foreign country, it is useful if you give your card-issuer a heads up. Do not spoil your vacation because your card was declined.
  • Forgetting electricity converter: You think that utilities are all the same but you have to know that utilities differ depending on the country. Do not forget your electricity converter so you will not have a hard time charging your electronic devices.

Hopefully you learned a lot of things. Now you know the common mistakes, you can do something about it. The next time you fly out of Singapore, you know what to bring and what not to bring. Have fun!


Taking Care of Your Lawns

Here in the country, when you have a clean and nicely cut lawn, you’ll gain benefits from it. Since children often play in the grass, there is a need to take care of it. A clean and well-maintained grass is also useful grass. Actually, when you have a fixed lawn, you can organize a party at your own house.


However, without proper maintenance of your grass field, you can never celebrate any occasion in your own garden. Will you wait for that to happen? In reality, there are a lot of lawn experts there who can help you on オンライン ブラックジャック your grass cutting needs or problems. Now, whenever these professional grass cutters are not around, here are some tips on how to take good care of your lawn:


  • Trimming the grass: When you see that the grass is growing, mow it. However, you must not mow when the ground is wet. During the spring season, cut down your grass once a week using a high-quality blade. On the other hand, when summer hits your country, you also need to use the finest lawn equipment to cut the grass オンライン カジノ 3 times a week.
  • Feeding the grass: In feeding the grass, sprinkle an amount of fertilizer that is enough to maintain a grass. Placing fertilizer will always depend on the type of the grass and the way it grows. Remember to not over feed your lawns because it will affect its growth and may sometimes cause death on your grass.
  • Watering the grass: Usually, in a dry season, the grass must be watered. This is the reason why lawns can immediately get back to its healthy state because of the water. When the water is newly established, water them at least thrice a week.lawn-mowing-mckinney

Seek a Professional Help – Call the Best Plumbers in Singapore

Almost all household have the equipment to fix minor plumbing problems. In homes, clogged toilet is the most common. Typically, all plumbing problems can be done by you. However, you need appropriate tools and exact knowledge about the problem. Therefore, calling for expert plumbers will be of great help.


In Singapore, they are many plumbing companies that offer almost all the same plumbing services and guarantee a great service and cheap prices. Basically, plumbing services will not only talk about toilet, it will also talk about the sinks, the faucets, pipelines and more. Since troubles with regards to plumbing are unpredictable, maintenance is very essential.

Plumbing Maintenance

Regular maintenance and thorough inspection on the pipelines should be done to avoid major problems. Even if it’s just a small leak, do not take it for granted because all small problems will lead to bigger problems which in reality, very costly and time-consuming.


There are a lot of do-it-yourself maintenance check-ups. But if you feel that you cannot do cannot do the job, there are plumbing companies in the country that can help. With exact and safe tools they are using, they are not afraid to take risk in crawling beneath the tubes and see if there’s a problem in the system.

Plumbing Repairs

Even if how thorough your inspection is, there will still be a room for faults. On the other hand, even if how mild or severe the damage is; it can still be fixed by many plumbing experts in Singapore.



Meet Different Singaporeans on the MRT

Dover_mrt_singapore_z MRT is one of the most common transportation around the world. In fact, it is the third most famous transport in the world after cars and buses. While riding MRT is only a forced situation for some people, others see it as their usual duty. People who always ride MRT must meet these different and special people inside the train.

1.       Attention-Seeker

These people shows off what they’ve got. It’s like they are practicing for the audition for Singapore’s Got Talent. They dance; they sing loudly, they do pull-ups inside the train as if they are the only people inside the MRT and other crazy things that they imagine.

2.       Pusher

Even if the train is full and there is no way you’ll all fit, these people continue to push people as long as they can. If they can be a superhero, I bet they can be Incredible Hulk. One push is enough for people to make way.

3.       Sleeper

Clearly, they are the ones who sleep on the trip. Whether the dusk or dawn, they will online casino surely travel to their destination – to dreamland. Most of the time, these don’t mind even if they wake up leaning on the other passenger.

4.       The Einstein

Most of them are youths especially students. These are people who are studying trying to familiarize all the topics that they have discussed. Usually, these are student who are not listening and students who are Einstein-like.

Have you seen them?

Typically, there are many types of Singaporeans when you are in the train and most of them have this quote – “Mind your own business.”



Odd Driving Violations in Singapore

singapore-traffic-police Driving is a skill wherein one must be an expert. Typically, accidents occur because of careless driving. Because accidents mostly happen in the road, authorities come up with a rules and regulations that must be followed. Once it is violates, there will be corresponding punishments and/or penalties.

Oftentimes, the reasons why drivers are being penalized and punished is that they don’t know what law or rules exists. According to Singaporean authorities, many drivers break laws because they are not aware of it. For the benefit of Singaporean drivers, law enforcement informs public of what are the unknown traffic rules that is commonly violated.

Making U-Turns

At any intersection, drivers must not make U-turn unless there is a sign or a traffic enforcer told you so.  A fine of S$70 is imposed for drivers who are caught violating this rule.

Slow-paced Right Lane

If you think running slowly as you want is good when you are at the right lane, think again. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, cars that are running slowly in the right lane will be fined more than S$1000 and an additional 3-month imprisonment.

Using of Fog-lights

Using of fog-lights is already a violation if you are using it in an appropriate weather. Same as running slow on the right lane, using fog-lights also impose a 3-month imprisonment and a fine of S$1000 or more and if it is violated the second time the fine and/or jail time maybe doubled.

Leaving the Car Engine open

National Environment Agency and the Environmental Protection and Management Regulations for Vehicular Emissions states that leaving your car’s engine open is a violation and as a result, a fine of S$70 to S$2,000 may be imposed.



Themed Bbq Party

Do you want to spice up a typical backyard bbq party? Then give your bbq party a unique theme! People in Singapore are fond of throwing bbq cookout parties. With the perfect summer-like climate of Singapore all year round, bbq party is a great way to celebrate festivities anytime of the year. Have a uniquely themed cookout celebration whether you’re doing it on your own or you’re hiring a bbq catering company to set the place and do the cooking for you.


Adding a theme to an ordinary bbq party enhances the appeal and appearance of the entire Singapore event. Add some variations and turn your typical backyard celebration into a bbq cookout that your guests will never forget. Here are some of unique satay party theme ideas to help you get started.

Hawaiian Bbq

When you talk about Hawaii, sun, beach, surf, and waves immediately comes to mind. So why not bring pieces of it to your own backyard. Decorate your bbq area with tropical flowers, vintage surfboards, raffia, fake or real palm trees, sand and shells in jars as table centerpieces, and get summertime music playing in the background. Make sure to let everyone know the theme of the spring ocean barbecue Singapore party for the guests to dress accordingly. Include coconut drinks and fresh fruits in the food menu. These are definite menu items that can enhance the theme of a Hawaiian party. Some Hawaiian bbq foods that should also be included are:

  • bbqed kebabs
  • grilled fish
  • grilled ham steaks with pineapple slices
  • char siu pork (a famous Hawaiian meat)
  • macadamia nuts crusted grilled chicken with honey mustard dip

Serve each of these dishes with fresh vegetable salads on the side and ice cold drinks for refreshing and full meal.

Wild West Bbq

This bbq party theme is more of an indian and cowboy-like theme. If you opt for a Wild West bbq theme, then you must secure a number of costumes (e.g. cowboy, sheriff, bartender, barber, Indians, dancing bar girls), hay bales, straw, cactus plants, teepees, cowboy hats, and the “Wanted” posters (print out photos of guests to fill the poster). Wild West theme party in Singapore is greater when lots of scrumptious bbq foods are served, such as:

  • Fried foods, like chicken drumsticks and hash browns
  • Steaks and sausages
  • A pot of spicy hot, baked beans
  • A stew simmering on a bbq wok burner
  • A damper served with dip
  • Bake baby potatoes on the grill by wrapping them in aluminum foil
  • Hotdogs and hamburgers served with chili and lots of bbq sauce

Hollywood Bbq

When we think of Hollywood, fame, money, glamour, and paparazzi are just some of the things that we immediately associate with it. Let everyone wear formal cocktail dresses and decorate the place with twinkling lights, elegantly arranged tables, and lastly, don’t forget the red carpet. Also, put up a mini casino where your friends can play and win small awards. For the food, you can hire a bbq catering provider or get best bargains at bbq wholesale shops. Ask for bbq wholesale prices of different finger foods to accompany your Hollywood bbq party.

  • mini-sized gourmet pizzas
  • gourmet kebabs of chunky sliced veggies
  • skewed mini sausages
  • mini hotdogs and hotdog sandwiches
  • mini hamburgers with TLC (tomato, lettuce, and cheese)
  • Fish sliced into bite-size pieces served in a platter with wasabi mayonnaise dip

To finish off, serve a bottle of champagne and elegantly arranged pieces of chocolate coated strawberries in a platter on every table.


Poolside Bbq

A poolside bbq party has almost the same idea with normal Singapore bbq parties except the presence of splashing waters. But what will you do if you don’t have a pool? Have the party in a resort or you may also improvise.  Water slides, inflatable pools, hoses, sprinklers, and buckets of water can all serve as a substitute to a pool. Poolside parties are perfect for adults and kids, and can include numerous summer dishes that everybody will surely love.

  • fish burgers, chicken burgers, and hamburgers
  • bbqed  veggies and seafood kebabs
  • hotdog with marshmallows on stick for kids
  • deep fried prawns served with mango salsa
  • macadamia nuts crusted fish
  • fried banana splits
  • grilled pineapple, banana, and apple fritters topped with ice-cream