Mistakes Travellers Often Make

Going outside of your comfort zone demands a lot of things. If you plan to travel outside of Singapore, you should be wise enough to only bring the things that you need. Do not overload your baggage because it will be inconvenient. You may travel a thousand times but you are not close to perfecting it.


Let this article be your guide in traveling light and easy. Here are some mistakes that travellers make:

  • Packing many shoes: You do not need to bring all types of shoes when you travel. You only need at least two sets. One fancy and the other casual.
  • Change currencies at home: There are people who prefer to change currencies in the foreign country. If you do not want to deal with long lines, you have online casino to change currencies while you are at your airport.
  • Pack appropriate clothes: If you plan to trek, do not bring skirts. If you plan to walk on foot, pack light clothing. It is important that you pack appropriate clothing. If you want to purchase clothing in the foreign country, you can do so.


  • Using cards without informing bank: Before you use your card in a foreign country, it is useful if you give your card-issuer a heads up. Do not spoil your vacation because your card was declined.
  • Forgetting electricity converter: You think that utilities are all the same but you have to know that utilities differ depending on the country. Do not forget your electricity converter so you will not have a hard time charging your electronic devices.

Hopefully you learned a lot of things. Now you know the common mistakes, you can do something about it. The next time you fly out of Singapore, you know what to bring and what not to bring. Have fun!


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