The Wonders of Safra Club

Good news for people living in Punggol, Singapore. A club is on its way to bring life to the place and give families a place to enjoy. The government is planning to build Safra Club as a way of showing its appreciation for all National Servicemen. By the end of 2016, Singaporeans will see a new club.


The details about Safra Club were disclosed by Teo Chee Hean, Deputy Prime Minister. He said that the club is a reminder what NSmen are defending. People are excited of the new venture and it will surely cater to many families of NSmen. The government has allotted S$57.3 million for this club. It will be a five-storey building with an area of 19,430 square meters. If you want to know about the design and the facilities it will feature, you can refer here.

  • Architecture: Buildings here are famous because of its innovation and environment-friendly designs. The Safra Club is no different. The architects will buy non prescription viagra online make sure that it will be integrated with the Waterway. The beauty of the building heavily leans on the environment. If you can see the architect’s perspective, you will surely get excited. The building looks appealing.
  • Location: Safra Club will be constructed in the North-East part of the country where 70000 NSmen live. Furthermore, Safra is minutes away from the forthcoming Sam Kee LRT station. Safra is also near the waterway. No location is better than this.


  • Childcare: For couples near Safra, they can work without worrying about childcare centres. Safra Club will offer childcare services to nearby residents. The club is thinking about eco-themed centre that will maximize natural lighting and plants. This will give children the idea of going green.
  • Food outlets: Like any other clubs, Safra offers lots of food choices for the visiting public. Safra will offer more than ten food establishments that can cater to all. There will be themed restaurants as well as alfresco dining.
  • Water playground: The highlight of Safra is the indoor water playground. The indoor water playground will cover three storeys with an area of 23000 square foot. The water playground will feature different interactive things for the children.

Time flies so fast. You only have to wait for two years. The Safra Club will be the first of its kind not only here in Singapore but around the world. Singaporeans or not, everyone is anticipating its coming. NSmen will surely work even harder because the building is made to honour them.


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