6 Creative and Cheap Ways to Hide Wear and Tear in Your Home


You do not have to replace the entire sofa because of a cat scratch or repaint the entire wall because you kids drew on them. These quick home improvement tricks can restore the beauty of your home in a cost-effective way.


  1. Crayons to Cover Up Scratches

Whether your child scuffed the coffee table with scissors or your cat scratched your sofa’s leg, you would want to disguise any signs of damage. To colour correct the damage, use crayons. Find the right shade that matches the colour of the surface, and soften the crayon with a hair blower. Colour in the scratches, and then blend it well with your fingers or a clean rag.

  1. Correction Fluid and Clear Nail Polish For Molding Scrapes

White moldings can make any room look elegant, but small scrapes and marks can take away ts beauty. Restore your home’s former glory by covering up faults with liquid correction fluid. To re-create the glossy look of the molding, let the correction fluid dry and then cover it with clear nail polish.

  1. Alcohol and Correction Fluid on Scratched Enamel Tub

Enamel surfaces like your bathtub can also get scratched, no matter how careful you are with them. The good news is that it’s easier to repair a scratched enamel surface than scratching it! Clean the damaged area with a cotton ball moistened with alcohol, and then let it dry. Once it dries, brush some correction fluid on the scratches to mimic the colour of the enamel.


  1. Mayonnaise to Remove Crayon Marks on Walls

Did your little Picasso redecorated your walls with crayon masterpieces? Keep your cool, and simply grab your bottle of mayonnaise for an instant fix. Rub some mayonnaise on the marks and let it soak for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, wipe the surface with a clean, damp rag to reveal a stain-free wall.

  1. Cheap Posters or Framed Pictures for Holes on Walls

If there are holes, uneven texture or chipped paint on walls that are high enough to be disguised with framed pictures and posters, go and do so. This is the easiest solution for wall problems that doesn’t require much effort and money to do.

  1. Adhesive Tape to Protect Wood Floor

Is your grandma’s rocking chair causing visible streaks on your elegant wooden floor? Protect the finish of your wood floor with the use of an adhesive tape. Simple stick a strip of adhesive along each of the rocker’s bottom to ensure it won’t get direct contact with the wooden floor and cause damage.

Mending small damages at home doesn’t mean spending a fortune on them. You can certainly hide scratches, uneven shades and texture and other small dents with the help of household items you already have. Think outside of the box and consider these quick fixes for an effortless and cost-effective way of restoring your home.


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