Age Guidelines for Electric Cars

I don’t have a kid yet but already I’m excited to buy toys for my future kids. On top of my list are electric cars. There are different and appropriate electric cars for every age group and I’ve already thought of which ones to get for my kid’s very first ride on car, when my kid turns three or four, when my kid is already big enough, and so on. I want to buy electric cars for my kids to give them a fun childhood memory as well as help them develop their motor skills.


Zero to Two Years Young

You’d want to get a small, light, and simple electric car for your kid’s very first ride on toy. Electric cars of this group are great for helping develop your child’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and balance.

Two to Four Years Young

This is when even parents start having fun in choosing what electric car to get for their kids. Electric cars of this group are larger, a little faster, and also come with more fun features.


Five to Seven Years Young

Parents may want to save more when their kids start reaching the age of five. This is when selection for electric cars of this group becomes more sophisticated that even adults can be envious. Realistic-looking cars of classic car models are available at this point. Parents may also want to get faster types of electric vehicles like go-karts and dune buggies.

Eight to Thirteen Years Young

I’m already planning on getting an electric ATV or electric dirt bike for my kid once he or she reaches eight years old. Maybe an electric dirt bike if it’s a boy and an electric scooter if it’s a girl. This is when electric vehicles at this point start to gain more power and speed. I also want to see my kids capable of riding on different types of vehicles.

Fourteen Years Young and Up

Teenagers at this point may start thinking of what to get for their very first real cars. I haven’t thought this far yet but my kids may still want to go on kart racing at this age so I’m thinking of getting a go-kart for my kid at this age. Even adults still go on kart racing and find it so much fun so I’m sure this will still be a hit among teenagers.


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