Ride with Lyft

The road is congested here in Singapore that you cannot go to work or school smoothly and swiftly. The government has thought of many possible solutions to lessen the cars on the road. For instance, the government promotes carpooling. Carpooling is more like sharing a seat and winning a friend.


This idea is appealing to some Singaporeans. Do you know that there is an application for that now? The application or service is called Lyft. It can summon a ride using your iPhone. Sharing a ride has never been this easy. This service seeks to make rides even cheaper as long as you are willing to share your car or seat to strangers.

Lyft calls their service “Lyft Line”. This is a sharing option that will let you select before you request a car. When you summon a car, Lyft will look for other Lyft members near you モバイル カジノ so they can share a ride. Before you book the car, you will see the rates. This will give you an idea whether to consider it or look for others.


The good thing about this is that you can book your ride and you can get discounts. You can get at least 30% discount but if you are lucky, you can get 60%. You have to know that Lyft is in its early development. It is still available in San Francisco. Time will come that this app will reach Singapore and help many carpoolers and its passengers.

Many people are quite adamant of the idea of sharing their car to strangers. You are not obligated to join the service.