Fashion Items Every Commuter Girl Should Have

If you’re a full-time commuter, then you know the woes of dressing for the day all too well. You understand the everyday stress of looking stylish even if you’re faced with bumper-to-bumper traffics, smelly armpits and a sweltering walk to your office. Commuting in the city sure is stressful, but make your day more bearable and fashionable by stocking these fashion pieces into your closet.


  1. Roomy Bag. Although it looks convenient and trendy, an open-top tote isn’t a commuter bag. You’re only making it easier for pickpockets to fish your wallet that’s just sitting in the bottom of your tote bag. So protect your valuables by getting a bag that has a zip top closure, and have your favourite tote rest in its dust bag for the meantime.


  1. Button-Down Shirt. We’re not talking about your usual button-down, we mean those that are made of light chambray fabric or breathable linen. The good thing about this alternative is that you can just unbutton the collar, roll the sleeves up when it’s too hot and easily put everything back together as soon as your office is in sight.


  1. Midi-Skirt. Wearing pants on hot days don’t sound オンライン カジノ like a good idea, especially if you’re going to take a bus or a train. But you surely wouldn’t want to have a Marilyn Monroe moment either while getting on or off the vehicle.


  1. Closed-Toe Flats. While there are some women who are skilled enough to commute while wearing their heels, a pair of closed-toe flats still claim the crown of being a perfect travel kicks. Opt for ballet flats with sturdy toecaps, or sporty slip-ons to add some kick into your girly ensemble.


  1. Rain Gear. Just when you think that it’ll be sunny throughout the week, the rain starts pouring. Still, a gloomy weather and commute shouldn’t be the end of the world for trendy commuters like you. Just ensure that you packed a bright hooded jacket with you, along with a cute pair of rain boots so that you can take water repelling to a fashionable level.

Dressing for your daily commute shouldn’t be that stressful. Just make sure that you have these fashion items ready at your disposal, and you’ll already have a cool and chic commute.


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