Life Lessons from a Self-Made Tycoon  


We all dream of a life free from financial burdens. Many Singaporeans dream to be rich – if not the richest but there are others who gave up dreaming and just accepted their lives as it is. Accumulating massive riches is difficult but it is possible. We need many things to be successful.


We heard many things but we lack the perspective of a person who endured it all. Let us hear out the words given by a self-made tycoon – Peter Lim. Peter Lim is our classic story of rags to riches guy. He came from a humble family but it did not stop him from getting far. He went far that he is now the 11th richest man here in Singapore with net worth of S$3 billion.

From his humble roots, he became a high-profile personality and philanthropist. He is known for is S$10 million donation to the Olympic Foundation and just last year, he bought the Spanish football club, Valencia. The tycoon kept away from the limelight but his thoughts fare valued by the public over the years. Here are some of his thoughts about happiness, wealth and giving back:peter-lim-with-daughter

  • Fortune is 90% hard work and 10% foresight: It is interesting that Peter thought he is somehow destined to amass riches. He said that fortune is 90% hard work and 10% foresight. He believes that his thousands became millions because many people like him and that his path has been drawn.
  • Accept all things – good and bad: Life is not all about good things. Sometimes we have to endure the bad things. Peter believes that we have to accept all things with calmness. If our hearts are fluctuating, we might die of heart attack.
  • Money complicates life: We will never know how this feels because we are not that rich. However, for the rich people, money complicates their lives. More troubles are created because of money.
  • There will come a time that wealth will become meaningless: Again, we will know how this feels but Peter says that there will come a time that wealth will become meaningless. Yes, Peter owns an entire eleven storey condominium but all that wealth is meaningless.
  • Success must be passed on: His blessings are not only for him. He has more blessings but he doesn’t forget to pass the success on. He gives back. When we accumulate riches, it is important that we give up. We cannot spend it all, why not give others opportunity to live?

We might not be as rich as he is but with the wisdom he shared, we might be richer than yesterday or last month. It is not easy to build riches but we should not stop.


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