Nothing is Sweeter than Singapore Sweets

As time goes by, Singapore has been trusted by other countries to sell sweet like chocolates and candies. In fact, a lot of them are famous candy-makers and chocolate-makers like M&M. Since there are many chocolate companies around the world is trying to venture chocolate business in Singapore, there are also a lot of local that creates their own brands to compete with other large companies.


In Singapore, the bests sweet can be tasted, smelled, seen and touched. That is why there are many people that go wild when they see candies and chocolates in Singapore. If you don’t know what the famous brands in the country are, here are the lists:


  • M&M – A very popular brand of chocolate that entered in Singapore last January of 2012. It was situated in Changi Airport wherein toys, travel accessories, souvenirs and many items are also sold.
  • Sticky – It first landed in Singapore in 2008 and has continued to market their Australian rock candy. Essentially, there are many flavors of candy that the store has and it is uniquely made according to a person’s taste. Also, their giant lollipops will induce and urge you to buy. It can be a surprise to you loved ones or a gift.
  • Au Chocolat – For chocolate lovers, this one is for you. Their French inspired sweets will fascinate you and their other products will make you say “give me more”.

Because candies and chocolates can be a favorite of many most especially children, you can never refuse to purchase and eat them as if will bring fun and satisfaction to you.


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