The Importance of Eye Contact

You are walking in the streets of Singapore and suddenly you established eye contact with fellow Singaporean and he/she smiled. You smiled back in return. That smile can go a long way if you just appreciate the simple gesture. In another case, you are worried about your interview but when you established eye contact, the employer understood your sincerity and so the conversation went nicely. The employer considered you among others.


In the situations provided above, you can infer that eye contact can make a difference at the end of the day. The ability to establish and maintain eye contact is important. It is a skill that should be taught to everyone no matter how awkward or challenging it is. It is crucial that you become adept at eye contact because it can take you far.

Eye contact should never be underestimated. To convince you of the importance of eye contact, you can read further.

  • Eye contact has a role in developing emotional stability: Studies show that people who are adept at eye contact are dominant, powerful, warm, likeable, confident, honest, sincere, skilled, valuable, competent and many more. Actually the list goes on.
  • Eye contact has a role in developing social functions: Believe it or オンライン カジノ not eye contact has a role in developing your emotional stability. It can help build connections and rapport. If you made connections, it will pave way to intimate bonds. It will then improve the quality of your interactions to others.


  • Eye contact can tell your thoughts and feelings: Remember the saying that “eyes are the window of the soul”? Cliché as it may sound but it is true. Your eyes will reveal your thoughts and feelings. Your eyes will give you away. We always refer to the eyes of a person when we connect to him/her. For example, we are drawn to eyes that “twinkle” or “glow” or we are afraid of “evil eyes”.
  • Eye contact shows your attention: You give your attention or acknowledgement to someone in different ways. Sometimes you nod, sometimes you wave or sometimes you just say “yes”. The eyes can also serve as your acknowledgement. If you capture the eyes of the person you are talking, that means he/she is really tuned in to what you are saying.

There are people who find eye contact very hard. It can be very hard sometimes especially if you are hiding something or you are deceiving someone. Holding the truth is hard that the eye cannot bear to look at others. It is important that you overcome this and practice establishing eye contact because it can help you deal with things and others. Do not underestimate eye contact.


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